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  1. quote: Originally posted by Ter: Like has been pointed out in your various other topics (that ended up closed) you need to go into more detail. a basic tactic in football is to instruct players to pass to other players eg; a fall back with good passing ability to hit diagnal lomg balls to a winger to get in behing the opponents fall back! this, for example cannot be done on fm it cannot be done i've tried I UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE THE TACTICS AND THE SLIDERS ETC, ITS VERY SIMPLE but this above cannot be done! its all very well having the "use target man option" but it is'nt enough ang that instructs the whole team anyway. just an option to say "feed at every oppotunitie
  2. a pro zone type analysis feature is a must. you even used to get that in pro evo after a match that would be quality and actually useful.
  3. Seriously??!! this is what some people want from FM. How is that fun?, How?, what enjoyment do you get out of that. this is the problem, people posting crap ideas! SI, don't waste your time with these type of ideas and listen to mine!!!
  4. SI Please Listen!!! Can you not make the match engine look just a bit better. Its been about 3-4 years now and the look really has not changed. I'm not sayin 3d, keep the arial wiew but just make it look like we're looking down on players and not a circle. IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!! also please, a few more tactics; 1) instruct player to pass to specific player 2) instruct player to play give and goes 3) more instruction for passing moves maybe ETC ETC More interaction with palyers, staff, media. You still can't even praise a player privietly Its still that same old tell the media you're please, THE MEDIA??!!!, sure, good option but i want to talk to just the player now and again. lets be honest you have'nt really added anymore interaction since fm 07 I realise how much effort you guys give this game, and how much you are limited, but the above could be done. Why have'nt you taken note. ITS ABOUT THE MATCH. MATCHDAY, MATCHDAY, MATCHDAY!!!!! I'll keep posting this until its done .
  5. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>do all this stuff don't listen to the others just do this and your game will be graet!!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
  6. just a few things that could easily be done that will make the game flawless. 2d match engine im awre how limited u guys are with this and how complicated it must be but surely u could just make it a little more easier on the eye. like just seein the top view of the players head and shoulders with a shadow will make it so much bettter. then u could see when a player is actually heading the ball etc. tactics i know there are individual palyer instructions but u still can't instruct a player to pass to a specific other player example; clichy to feed rosicky at every opportunitie eboue to hit diagnal long balls to hleb to exploit the space left by the oppositions left back. more set piece options would be nice. instruct one player to play give and goes with another. if u can tell a player to run with the ball like u can in fm surely all the above could be achieved. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MATCH!!!!! player contracts just a few more options please so there is more chance of u persuading a top player to join your club. player interaction aain just a few more options to tell them what u think other than just tell the press u r happy or not AND if u do say something and upset the player the ability to speak with them agin to put it right!!
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