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  1. Fallen Giants

    Lol Luton town may of fallen, only buy 2 leagues, plus LT was never a giant, with the very small fan base they i say league 2 is about there lvl. TBH Luton town is such a small and poor town they should dissolve and put there resources into helping MK Dons out.
  2. Hi all. I have never really used the youth system as i should, i always signed bargains and golden oldies. I really want to explore the side of the game i not really used as one should and try and bring younglings through the youth system. So are there states i should look for in youth that tell if this player will train well and have the will power to make the first team ? I dont mean positional attributes, Mental and physical states that will give me some idea if the youth player will train and develop well. Also is there a indepth guide on here for youth development ? i did seach could not find one for my needs, I play mainly in the uk leagues but not in the premiership. Thanks for your time