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  1. Guys, I always wanted to make a tactic a la Pep . After watching Bayern lastly, i decided to still try to make a tactic like Bayern . I am an absolute fan of Pep and the way he let play Bayern is just like how Barcelona played back in 2011. Tiki taka but "in another jacket" . Every time i google for analysis of Bayern i repeatly see that Bayern is playing a 4141 system... But are they really playing that system? what i think: Balanced/Counter Keeper: GK (D) pass to defender, pass shorter. not the sweeper role but with the PI i think i make some kind of SW keeper in a more cautious GK Ro
  2. would a system work with 2 BBM midfielders and 1 Anchorman ? suported by 2x WB(A) and 2x IF(S) and a F9/Treq ?
  3. I have a question about some idea i have.. I want to make a 4231 tactic, but it would be like this: Balanced/Control SW (S) FB (A) CD (D) CD (D) FB (A) DM: Regista (S) DM: Half Back (D) AMC : Trequartista (A) IF S IF S CF A would there be to much empty space between my DM's and my AMC ??
  4. so with 2 CWB, 1 BBM , 1 AP and 1 F9 i have more then 1 Specialist.. Then maybe it better for to go for Balance style ? or use 2 tweaked cm (S) to keep the Very Fluid ?
  5. if i would go for AP(A) , wouldnt that go against the rule for "Very Fluid" ? in term of specialism ?
  6. ok thanks for input. And would it help to change the CM(A) to a CM(S) ? so i dont need to change the BBM role?
  7. Hi, i wonder if you give your wise knowlegde about my following tactic i want to adopt with Porstmouth. ----------------SW(A)---------------- ------------------------------------- ---------CD(D)--------CD(D)-------- CWB(A)------------------------CWB(A) -----------------HB(D)---------------- ----------B2B(S)------CM(A)---------- ------------------------------------- IF(A)---------------------------IF(S) ------------------------------------- -----------------F9(S)--------------- 4-3-2-1 Control/Very Fluid Team Instructions : shorter passing, pass into space, work ball into box,
  8. Ah ! Finally a AMC tactic without 2 DM i Like that already !! take your time Mr Hough..
  9. akash would you mind to upload it !? @ MR Hough would you mind to send me the tactic also with the amc? so i will test it tonight with my club PSV Eindhoven
  10. @ MrHough could you please post the results of your Hearts save !? Thanks !
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