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  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that fixtures are regularly postponed for various reasons in real life but never the same team for the same reason each other week (Except for maybe Covid issues!) However, I don’t recall an EPL team ever having weekend games postponed because of involvement in Europa League and certainly never to fall 4 games behind. I’d imagine fixtures get re-arranged so they play Thurs (Europa) - Sun (EPL) - Weds (League Cup). The issue in FM seems to me to be when a team in Europa has League Cup games scheduled for the following Tues, the AI
  2. I am managing Everton and have fallen 4-5 league fixtures behind most other teams in the EPL due to games being postponed. This seems to be mainly due to our involvement in the Europa League on Thursdays and having Carabao Cup games scheduled on the following Tuesday. Very annoying bug as have a squad built to handle playing in the 3 competitions before Christmas and will result in fixture pile ups later in the season. Screenshot of league table attached.
  3. I turn their faces off and eventually it becomes difficult to distinguish real players from the newgens. They are essential for long term games
  4. Saw Jackass 3D the other night.....HILARIOUS. 3D really adds to it
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