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  1. In my current game (year 2017) Roma and Marseille are both sitting 2nd in their respective tables and are in the semi finals of the Champions League. Each of their managers have left the clubs in April to take up new jobs at Man City and Atletico Madrid. Never going to happen irl with Roma and Marseille still challenging for major honors. Would be nice if AI managers could delay such moves until the end of the season. Caretakers are already part of the game.
  2. Thanks for info. My operating system is Processor: Intel Core i7 @ 2.00Ghz 2.50 Ghz Memory (RAM): 8GB System Type: 64 Bit I have never noticed a problem like this when switching to newer versions of the game over the years.
  3. I have found FM16 to be slow when navigating around the game world and also the match speed between highlights. Is anybody else noticing a big difference between FM15 and FM16 in this regard?
  4. I must say I haven't found this to be too hard to achieve. Squad rotation seems to keep most happy. On that topic leaving high rep players out of big games (cup finals etc) seems to have no affect on their mood. I can appreciate how complex the game must be to code. I am not a computer programmer but just an avid player of your game for many years. I just write things as I see them from a football point of view as opposed to a coding viewpoint. I find this issue is affecting long term gameplay and I'm glad to hear that work does go into improving such areas of the game.
  5. I find the game becomes far too easy a few seasons in, particularly when managing one club over a long period of time. My reason for this is the fact that as human managers we are very competent at building 23-25 man squads with two quality players for each position. The AI managers on the other hand tend to spend and spend without off-loading leaving their squad a mess with very high wage bills and lots of unhappy players bringing down morale. If you look at Chelsea in-game after a couple of seasons, players like Matic, Mikel, Ivanovich, Cahill etc. are still on the books but not registered for the EPL/CL squads. In the modern game, especially with FFP, clubs can no longer do this. I would like to see a system coded into the game where AI managers must sell players before buying. Can the game be coded so that AI managers aim to have no more than 25 senior players on their books (As opposed to just the squad registration lists) and therefore forced to sell before they buy?
  6. Two ideas came to mind recently whilst playing the game:- Youth Development One of my big gripes about the game is newgen players being born with one 'natural' playing position and all other positions set at 'ineffectual'. I would like to see all newgen players born with no set positions leaving the manager (you) or if you prefer your staff (head of youth development etc) to decide which positions newgens will be trained based on their attributes. Deciding where on the pitch and the type of role the player should play would add a great sense of realism and responsibility to youth development for the user. I would then like to see the mechanism for how they learn positions / roles be revamped. I think the emphasis should be more on the role of the player e.g. Lets say you take in a newgen kid who you feel has all the qualities to be a central playmaker. By selecting the option to train as a central playmaker, he should become natural playing the role as a CM, maybe accomplished as a DM and competent as an AMC etc. Same with training one to be a full back, surely he should become at least competent as a wing back too. In Game Tactics We already have a 'swap players' option to select, meaning two players will swap positions with each other at random points during the game. I would like to see a 'swap roles' option added too. If for example you have two CM's (one set to defend and the other to attack), you may want to rotate who goes forward and who sits without them switching positions on the pitch. This may be due to one being left-footed and one being right-footed or perhaps due to a change that the opposition have made tactically.
  7. Anyone else finding that your teams concede a huge amount of free kicks around your own penalty?
  8. Also when we apply for a job our current board and the media somehow get word of it straight away. I would imagine irl very rarely would such information be leaked, especially if the manager in question currently has a job.
  9. Slightly off the point, but even how we set our own manager reputation is strange. The coaching badges are a good inclusion but why can't we just select "regional or national or continental" etc for our reputation instead of what level we played football at. Most of the high rep managers in the world never played international football (Mourinho, Wenger, Klopp, Villas Boas to name a few).
  10. Why are we getting 'Opposition Instruction' advice off fitness coaches, youth team coaches etc.. Surely on match day only our assistant and first team coaches should be talking to us
  11. Goals carry far too much weight, especially when a defender scores. A CB can be having a poor game in terms of his defensive duties but his rating shoots up well over 7.0 if he scores from a corner. Maybe the assigned player roles should be linked to average rating? For example, a ball winning midfielder should be rated more on interceptions / tacking where as an Advanced Playmaker on assists / goals etc.. Would lead to a more realistic distribution of ratings
  12. The famous City keeper who played with a broken neck too! I think tweak and pull may be the difference here. Whenever you see a player pull a hamstring they immediately signal to the bench. Is it possible to tweak a hamstring and play on?
  13. Managers irl have to change / alter / improve their tactics every season to stay successful. You say you are using the same tactics that previously brought you success. Maybe that's where you are going wrong. Have you brought new players into the team and failed to adjust your tactics, both team and player?
  14. I should add that I get no error message. The task manager shows FM14 to be not responding I have tried deleting my preferences folder but still no joy
  15. My game "froze" when I clicked on the 'Staff Responsibility' tab. I thought it was a random once off thing, so I closed FM with task manager and reloaded the save but the same thing keeps occurring, only with that particular screen. I have continued on for a few days and same keeps happening. I have never encountered a problem like this before. Has this save become corrupted for some reason? It's only Sep 2013 in the game world and the staff responsibilities screen worked fine during pre-season. Thanks
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