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  1. I wonder if there is going to be a lot more people using Hull after the great business the Mr Bruce did, I'm currently doing a updated version of Hull City at the moment, and will deffinately doing a FM15 career with them as well.
  2. Hull City I really have fallen in love with them since the days of Phil Brown, and there most recent transfer dealings look amamzing to manage, I am doing one with them now on FM14 with an updated database but still going to do them first on FM14
  3. With the squad we now have I really can't look past a 4-2-3-1.
  4. I'm looking at it like Jose it going to bring in one striker and have Lukaku as a back-up, getting a few games under his belt. Out of getting rid of Torres or Ba, I wouldn't know which way to turn with that.
  5. That's different to what the papers was saying what he said lol! But yeah bless him holding in all his frustrations and not just wanting to come out and be a d**k about what happened to him
  6. They will forever be an Amateur team and that is why it has been hard coded into the game.
  7. I want to see Lukaku given a chance this year under Jose but I also understand that he will need to play week in week out and that he won't get that here! We'll just have to see what happens from now until the start of the season!
  8. Cheers, and hopefully that will be a big help to me, I'll keep plugging away until I get sacked at least really enjoying reading this! See what I mean with the tactics, just battered Ajax 7-0 then went and got battered 3-1 by f**king QPR of all teams and they really in a way they did deserve it!
  9. I still can't believe how well you are doing with them, I've just started one with Chelsea but I just can't seem to get the tactics right. Also I think that Ashley Cole has some hate for me, no matter what I say in the team talks he is always switched off or worse! Congrats on the thread Bracken haven't read through it all yet but I will and enjoying it loads!
  10. I started again, realising my mistakes, and this time I won the Charity Shield and Euro Super Cup. Brought in Jovetic for £19.5m. Will update later on today
  11. Yeah I must have. How do I sort this on the Staff Responsibilities list? I just wanted a decent Keeper that I could use for back up and FA/League cup games but at £17.5 that's a bit much.
  12. Just started my first Chelsea save on this years edition and hoping to run it up to FM 14, if I can stick it out that long. Only just done the Charity Shield match against Man City and the b@st@**S got lucky, they was winning 2-0 and I managed to bring it back to 2-2. Was heading into penalties when in the 7th minute of 3 minutes stoppage time they scored!! It right did my head in, anyway only transfer I have made up to yet was to bring in Tim Krul (Well the Director did) for a massive £17.5m and when he signed my fans loved the fact I got him so cheaply... Will keep updating when I get into it a bit further, just wanted to say that I now officially hate Man City because of that.
  13. . But I can't wait to start a save with them this year it's going to be good
  14. I'm in the same boat. Even though she has watched the first two she won't go and watch this one.
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