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  1. Strolling to 2 in a row with Mainz. Unbelievable performance! Thing is can you really move up from where you are?
  2. Played some more last night. Currently still unbeaten so far in my first season with Koln. 7 wins and 7 draws in the league. Sitting 3rd and I'm 2 points behind Bayern and 1 behind Schalke. Hopefully should be able to qualify for European competition of some sort. Kainz, Shkiri and Horn been my best performers so far. Behrens has started playing more recently too and is making the B2B role in midfield his own.
  3. How far in is that? End of second season?
  4. Firmino? Gouri as a project signing. Edouard?
  5. What's your thoughts on Joseph Paintsil and his potential? I signed him for Koln for €6m but he's been poor so far.
  6. Played some more of my FC Koln game last night. Currently just played the first game of November 2019 and I'm still unbeaten! Played 10 in the league and have drawn 5 won 5. This puts me 3rd in the table, level with Bayern and 2 points off league leaders Schalke. The unbeaten run includes the cup too and a scraped win on penalties away to 3rd Tier Ingolstadt in the 2nd round. Now got 2nd tier Stuttgart away after that. It's definitely not been scintillating football that has got us to this point but mainly a strong defence. We've only scored more than 2 goals in a game once and in half our games we've not scored more than one goal. Part of this seems to be that my striker is struggling to get involved in matches. Amine Gouri playing as an advanced forward in a 4-2-3-1 - he started the season well but hasn't scored for 5 matches now and he's only completing about 5 passes a game so barely getting a touch of the ball. Would moving him to a complete forward attack get him more involved? My second most expensive signing of the summer Joseph Paintsil has been absolutely hopeless so far. €6m, one goal and a seemlingly uncanny inability to cross the ball to a teammate. He's only 21 so hopefully he improves but looking like a panic signing at the moment. Timo Horn is an incredible keeper and Ellyes Skhiri has been awesome for him. The Tunisian can score from anywhere and is my top goalscorer at the moment.
  7. Awesome! You seem to have focused on signing German players too.
  8. Yeah I see your new system above. Looks good to me. Just think positive mentality, only a few players on attack and standard line of engagement is quite cautious with Bayern. If you are still using that formation in some games then maybe try a more attacking role for the left-back?
  9. Played some more last night and finished the transfer window. Brought in: Naci Unuvar - €1m from Ajax Florent Muslija - €2.5m from Hannover Joseph Paintsil - €6m from Genk Mohamed Daramy - €2.1m from Copenhagen This means all signings so far except Behrens are 21 or younger. Then I managed to get Modeste's wages off the bill selling him for €3.5m and Risse also left for €2.5m Managed to make a profit on player sales of €17.4m, significantly reduce the average age of the squad and also reduce the wage bill by €104k per week. Only issue might be that we have a very inexperienced squad so will take a couple of years before these players are firing at all cylinders - hopefully some of them can start sooner. I started the season with an away 2-0 win in the German Cup against a 3rd Tier side then the league action started. First game was at home to Freiburg and was a very comfortable 3-0 victory. Then I went away to Frankfurt and drew 2-2. A late equaliser from Amine Gouri getting us a very credible point. We then drew 1-1 away to Schalke in the final game before the international break meaning that we are currently 6th in the table after 3 games. Tactic is working ok but think I will totally change one of the 3 tactics when I get home. Not sure how to fit Paintsil into the side at the moment.
  10. Tactic probably quite cautious for Bayern. Poacher could also be isolated in that system - not sure that's making the best out of Lewa. Plus Lewa could deal with many types of crosses and is strong enough in the air that "Low Crosses" isn't a setting I'd use.
  11. Gladbach, Leverkusen or Frankfurt would be good choices imo.
  12. Did you transfer list Modeste and offer him out for that amount approximately? Yeah Qatari and Saudi clubs seem to love buying overpaid players on this.
  13. I can see Cordoba fitting it to your formation quite well as the pressing forward though. Does he perform badly? How did you manage to get rid of Modeste? I'd love to get his wages off lol
  14. Nice one. Quite different tactical ideas from me. Did you try to sell Cordoba or only the two pensioner strikers? You can sell Cordoba quite easily. Offer out for €10m or £8.5m and you can get that money straight up for him. Are you not playing Schaub or Drexler at all?
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