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  1. Hello, I'm more of a fan of the wonderful FM series. I have hundreds of suggestions and details to improve the game, considering that I have been following the franchise for at least 15 years. I'm from Brazil and here in some games of the selection they make friendly matches with teams where only players that play in the national soccer can be selected, always have a Brazil vs Argentina with players who play in the local soccer. This detail is missing in the FM, it would be great to put some options for rules when we scored friendly today we have the number of substitutions but could implement more like: Players who play in the local football / Players without internationals / Revenue to some small branch club / Ticket amount / Choice of referee / Tribute for any player. This tribute already exists today when the player completes 10 years in the club or retires, but even if he is not so many years old, the honor may exist. Let's see Ronaldinho R10 in Barça and the homage given by Barcelona. Anyway, thank you for always thinking about a great game for us fans and that can always count on us for the better. Hug.
  2. Hello friends. I'm another big fan of the Football Manager series. I would like to draw attention to the great games that come with the Legends. Are sensational, here in Brazil I went in 3 only this year where great stars of the past and the present came together. What is the probability of being inserted in the game such a friendly? Imagine what big repercussion would ..? I count on this item at the next meeting as a suggestion from a great admirer of your work. Big hug.
  3. Twisting for Si Games to read. - We want more autonomy for decisions of the players, more penalties and punishments. - More news in friendly training choosing the friendly cup, call players to charitable games and partnerships. - Reality in the geographical displacement. When commanding a selection, you can not in the 1-day interval command the team on the other side of the world. You should have the option of leaving one of the two games in the auxiliary command. - More formats contracts, as payments on promises players in the coming years, amistos 100% Income .. etc. Who plays with small teams and need money misses the options to generate revenue. - Choose the values ​​of the tickets. I find it important that in a decisive game to choose lower values ​​to fill the stadium. Thing in other games MANAGER can be done. - More glamor in hiring that great star that can change the direction of the team. As a Newell's bringing Messi to retire and the media Argentina makes great party and the team as well. There should be more emphasis on it. - More specific training methods. more dynamic and realistic works. Today we have simple things in the question workout. - Choose both sports as main sponsors on the shirt. It would be nice even with fictitious companies because we could change the way revenue gains with a team. If you make a season where surprises all its value in the market increases, generating more demand there and the manager can choose. - Relationship with the closest fans. Talking to representatives of organized fans, but with many of the same club. I hope you think about it is not only my opinion but several fans managers .
  4. Personnel. Very important that my story because I'm FM player for many years. By FM have no competitors in the manager's area believe speaks some basic things to be perfect game indeed! I say this for the following details: - When you hire should be more glamor, appearing shirt with the player's name and number that it will use. Something simple but of emphasis in this new investment for the club. - Tickets This item could have the manager the option to talk to the board to increase or decrease prices. Final Libertadores why not download to a full house and not lose the final. Promotion for the festive dates such as day mothers woman does not pay. Valentine's Day only one paid. Simple things but leaves the sensational game. - Training methodology should be more complex, the FM15 is horrible because nothing can be done unless something simplistic .. something so important should be taken more into account. - The relationship with the fans. There should be a way to talk to the fans, organized supporters and their groups .. calm the crowd after a defeat to a rival .. very cool. - Sponsors. we could have the option of choosing what will be written on the uniforms, it might be something fictional but we could choose based on the values ​​and the public we want to have influence. For example we have Atletico Madrid> Land of fire Azerbaijan. / Swansea> Chinese Propaganda. Direct influences these simple advertisements. We should be able to choose between all season finale. - Relationship between national team and club. Ok cool command both but need to have a reality in time. I've trained the Brazil into play in china after the other day was at Maracana at stake in the Brazilian championship. We could have the choice of which game control and we can not have skillful time to command both in short, it would give more autonomy to the Deputy. - We know that some players do not deal well with the issue of flying, see Dennis Bergkamp. Could be inserted into the game things like that, however bizarre unusual .. I hope these details are taken into consideration ..
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