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  1. Did he delete your save accidentally?
  2. JaJake

    Cancel Dismissal

    If one of you gets fired you can just create a new manager for that player to use and add them to the club
  3. JaJake


    It's not a bug. He wants to leave so won't sign a new contract, simple as.
  4. JaJake

    Striker Problems

    Have you tried multiple players in the position? Do they have any conflicting PPMs?
  5. JaJake

    Boro 2nd Season - Need DC

    Chancel Mbemba might be worth a look? Prem quality and should be less than £3 million.
  6. Indeed, I'm told this has been an issue in network games for at least the last few versions!
  7. I believe it happens when someone pauses the game - if you're making tactical changes around 60/70 minutes that suggests this is the issue. We just never pause when we're playing each other. Opening tactics slows the game down loads so you don't have to do things in a rush.
  8. JaJake

    Online Game

    Is the option to prevent use of the editor checked?
  9. Apologies if this seems obvious... But just don't do it? I hardly ever interact with my players outside of occasionally praising or criticising their training (about one player a month). If a player comes to me with a concern I'll go through it, but it's rare and usually related to playing time. Never had any issues with morale that couldn't be attributed to performance in the league.
  10. It really depends on your tactics and the style of game you want to play. Exploiting space behind the opposition defence? Long pitch. Play focussed down the wings? Wide pitch.