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  1. Hi Can anyone explain the differences: Don't allow matches to be moved Allow matches to be moved for TV broadcasts Use Saturday and Wednesday Matchdays If i was playing a network game and we wanted to play at the same time to speed the game up, which would we choose? Can you change this and it affect the game once started? Thanks
  2. Wasn't saying it was incorrect, just specifying for the forum what i found in a top prem' club as it was likely to come up
  3. Hi How about utilising multi screen systems. A lot of people have more than one screen nowadays. 3D and a 2D match 1x screen for 3D match and the other for all the stats So many possibilities What do you think? Cheers
  4. Shame you cant have both at the same time. Alot of people have more than one screen nowadays. Would be an awesome option to have all your stat windows and a 2d pitch on a separate window
  5. Hi Playing with Real Madrid - first time in Spanish league. I have a lot of players out on loan and i cannot transfer them to the B team. Is it possible? Cheers
  6. Haha....yeah, why you played Newcastle 6 times in a row!
  7. Hi Guessing this is a new feature as not had this before but on my friends status screen they can not only see what game i am playing but the actual match and score. Is there anyway to turn this off? Thanks
  8. Hi I have 2x 22" monitors and would love to spread the game across both but....have the 3D match as a window so that i can have the 3D match on one monitor and then fill the 2nd monitor with all the stat windows that i would like open. Cheers
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