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  1. Hi lads quick question have you had any issues with Human v Human crashes?
  2. I had a quick dabble in with ML/C/R against Chelsea hoping i'd be able to counter more effectively , I got destroyed down my left by Hazard and created nothing
  3. Yeah 2 have been from a cross the keepers caught it then Koulibaly just kicks someone ... weird... he was meant to be the replacement for the serial brain farter Lovren but at the moment he's making even more than Lovren IRL
  4. Other than Koulibaly giving away 4 pens and Hazard tearing TAA apart one game it's been quite a success so far Sometimes feel that the DM SV can be too close together in defence so i'll look into fixing that if possible Can anyone think of a reason tactically why the pens might be happening there doesn't seem to be a repetitive pattern
  5. How important is position familiarity I know (well think) roles don't really matter? Say I want to put the AML/AMR to ML and MR in a 4-2-3-1 but the player I want to drop is a complete unnatural in there, how badly will his performance suffer? even if he's a leading premier league player like Salah for example
  6. hey lads any of you looking for a future project? i would love someone to have a go at a skin based round the new sky online score centre http://live.skysports.com/ScoreCentre/live.html anyone else think so?
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