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  1. Sadly, this is modern football. Brought on by the Bosman Ruling and Sky TV money.
  2. I'm still on 15 and having just had a player become unhappy because of lack of first team football during pre season, I was wondering if this had been better implemented in 16?
  3. Yet being able to choose to manage any team you like, anywhere in the World as your first job somehow doesn't break the premise? Once again the "simulation " argument is only valid when it works in our favour.
  4. You pay me £10,000 a week to play FM, I'll accept that argument. Whilst I pay for the game and play for fun in my limited spare time, I'll reject it.
  5. Because it's a game and some people like to manage their favourite teams and not be sacked when successful over things the game randomly generates.
  6. Previous versions decided this on chance. So save the game regularly and if you get sacked, just reload. Some call that cheating, I call it avoiding a stupid feature that shouldn't be in the game.
  7. Okay, but you are effectively stopping people cheating. I play with a large DB, have never horded players, don't use genie scout. So how are player complaints helping the AI in my game build better squads?
  8. I think you are making an unfair generalisation. And my posts are implying no such thing. A promise to begin negotiations is just that. A promise to accept an offer from a club is just that.
  9. All of which could be worked out on a scale. But I addressed that anyway in the second line. The only point of a minimum increase would be to stop the player offering an extra £2 a week. But whether a player accepts your offer is utterly irrelevant to the promise made.
  10. No context? Player A on 40k wants a new contract. I promise to offer one. I offer him 46K. Promise kept. Player rejects 46k and is unhappy that the contract offer wasn't good enough. Separate problem.
  11. Don't try to patronise me please. The first instance of this game I bought was CM 93. I don't need things "spoon feeding" I simply want the consequence to make sense. If I say "I promise we will begin transfer negotiations at the end of the season" then that is what I am promising, I am not promising to give you an acceptable payrise. I have no issue with the player remaining unhappy if he doesn't get the contract he wants, but this should be a seperate thing not related to the initial promise.
  12. Not really. See this is a reccurring theme, "the clues are there" This is a PC game, not Murder She Wrote.
  13. How about you have to offer 105, 15% 20% more etc. If the player rejects this, fine, but a 15% pay rise is legitimate. And again,
  14. You can still horde players if you choose. I've never horded players. To be honest, that comment by Neil seems like an excuse. How much impact can one user player have on the global database?
  15. It is the same with contracts. The promise to "offer a new contract" translates to "I promise to give you a contract you find acceptable"
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