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  1. Have the rules been changed about Affiliate club loan players.. Didnt send any till my third season as I did not have any affiliate clubs to loan them out but now that I have loaned them .. I cant recall them in the middle which I could do on earlier FM versions .. I sent them to affiliate loan through my assistant in the backroom advice screen.
  2. The game is good. I had the 14, didnt buy 15 but bought the 16. Is anyone else having problem with too much I am not getting first team football talk . I had one player complaining about it in preseason and it continued even when he was playing more than half of my matches as a starter (he was playing atleast once per week). And if I have only one match in 2 weeks another player comes and does the same out of nowhere. And i hoped they changed the press conference remarks but they seem exactly the same. That Opposition coach praises you , you say he is a nice guy and the next response about inferiority complex comes up, it's kinda irritating. I leave my pre and post match conferences to my assistant but this one I cant avoid. And also if I try and declare interest in transfer in a player , nothing happens like in the previous versions where an Inbox message comes. Is that for everyone or have they changed it so it does not happen.
  3. I kept Welbeck and used him as a Advanced Forward and he scored buckets for me. Sold him for 45 million after 3 or 4 years to Barcelona. Hernandez just wasnt that good probably because my tactic was not the best for him, I play with an Advanced forward and a Deep Lying Forward and those do not suit hi, that well but still sold him for 35 million pounds to Monaco after a season or 2.
  4. Two matches in the new patch and two 6-0 Wins.Small sample size but like the new ME
  5. My Old Trafford is at 98k capacity , I will not ask for a new stadium. Never with OT being what it is. I got a take over attempt but nothing came out of it in 2024 I think.
  6. Is this just for me ?? I did not play FM 13 but had FM12 where after winning with my club I was offered the manager's role of all the top countries . Now I am in 2023, playing with Manchester United , winning a lot and I have not even got one offer for national team management .
  7. I think that's 50,000 who are playing online , there are a lot of guys like me that never play online . We need to factor that into the discussion.
  8. They got back up the very next season and now are going back down again , down in 20th and going down
  9. This is a problem since the 14.2.2 update . I selected a player for the U 21's until match fit . The player was match fit later but the [Rsv] Icon was still there.To get rid of it I selected him for the U 21's and deselected him and it was gone . Report it to the bugs forum.
  10. I had Ronaldo back for a season at 36, tutored a young winger and retired after that one season, still had to pay him a lot though , 250K in wages and addons extra
  11. Even with bucket loads of time , more than 90% of 1 on 1's are missed. I have 2 pacy strikers and I dont know why but some AI teams play a high line and a throughball from one of my strikers sets the other one free with atleast half the opposition half empty and he dribbles and then shoots at the goal keeper all the time , I only watch 2D now so thats how it feels and it's not like it's once chance here and there. Just lost a game to Bayern 1-2 and I missed 4 one on ones . 3 from my advanced forward all hit the keeper and 1 from my right winger hit the post . All of those shots were taken with no defender around them and a lot of time to think and maybe take a nap and then shoot.
  12. It's not a bug . It's showing affiliated clubs players who can be on brought on loan. It shows Antwerp and the others the United players than can be brought on loan . There is no feeder club terminology now . You are affiliated to say Dundee United , they get information about you and you get information about them.
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