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  1. I get that but I rarely produce even 3 stars newgen. Haven't had a 4 stars yet. For what my facilities offer, I should produce at least one 4 stars newgen a year.
  2. I'm Hertha BSC and upgraded facilities, recruitment and coaching to the max in everything. This year's youth intake is again predicted to be a very poor class. It's starting to get frustrating as I love to develop from within but there is just nothing for 6th year in a row. Anything I can do? My HOYD is Bernhard Peters.
  3. Are youth coaches coaching youth players already visible or junior players that are not yet visible and are coming through youth ranks in few years?
  4. I have a really good thing going on on my FM18 with Arsenal. I took them when they were really struggling without Europe and in 2 seasons brought them to be 2nd (ManU and Mourinho are so overpowered ughhh) in the league with some really great prospects and now what do I do? I just leave it for the new version? I can't somehow although I will because it's new version and I didn't buy FM19, but still... I'll miss that save and I'll always wonder what would happen of the club if I'd continue. Anybody has the same dillema? #firstworldproblems
  5. Of course they will release it in the next two days while I'm on an anniversary trip with my girlfriend without my laptop. How am I supposed to enjoy a retreat if it comes out while I'm on it?
  6. Can this be the first year we'll have a first look at the match gameplay when we get the beta? It's amazing that the game is just around the corner and we didn't get a single glimpse yet at how the match looks like.
  7. Loki Doki is a legend and I laughed way to hard sometimes at his stupid jokes or just some other stupid things. I love to watch him and hope to meet him some day.
  8. Union Berlin seems intriguing to me too. Maybe trying to win Champions league with them.
  9. I'm planning an RB Leipzig save but with only allowed buying u18 players so that it doesnt become too easy after few years and I like developing youth.
  10. I have Lenovo Legion Y540. How many leagues can I load to run very fast?
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