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  1. Bought for 55m from Chelsea at the start of the 7th season, I'm Atletico Madrid so it was quite a bit to pay for somebody about to turn 29 but God has he been worth it. More than a goal a game, assists galore and an average rating above 8, special special player. I'd agree with DarkInkCL, alongside maybe Neymar and disregarding a 1st/2nd season Messi or Suarez he's the best
  2. Just a quick one which may have already been answered before but why is it an Advanced Playmaker (support) has "Hold Position" already active but you are still able to let the player "Roam from Position"? What makes this even more unclear is that when selecting an Attacking Midfielder, support duty also, selecting either of the options makes the other unavailable.
  3. My past experience was International footballer, so that doesn't come into it, and yes it was this was my first season. Is it known whether certain chairmen have itchier trigger fingers than others? This is what I think it came down to personally.
  4. Immediately after selling him Rooney came to me to voice his concerns, I told him don't worry trust me, which he didn't like and which made made him (along with the vast majority of the squad) unhappy and wanting a transfer. I assumed if I carried on winning (which I did) morale would eventually recover and the squad would get over the issue. I then had a board meeting quite soon after this and I reassured them I would resolve the problems, other than that though there was never another opportunity to turn things around so I'd have to disagree with your notion that my bad squad management was at fault.
  5. After successively guiding Man Utd to the title and league cup in my first season I've just been sacked for squad harmony issues, despite still being top of the league. All of this down to the fact I sold Nick Powell, is this a known issue or have I just got really unlucky?
  6. What is this obsession with players constantly buying corners?
  7. His anticipation his 19, he's got 15 composure and 16 decisions, and one of his preffered moves is 'plays no through balls'. What is going on!?
  8. I'm Liverpool ( just starting season 4 ) and i've just bought Lars Bender to play the anchor man role in a 4-3-3, the problem is though even with limited creative freedom, short passing and no through balls he just keeps attempting very ambitious through balls, even when a simple ball is on. The only thing I can think of to explain this is maybe he has a very low adaptability and he's still playing with the instructions he had at Leverkuson, is this conceivable or have I just bought a dud?
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