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  1. Hi guys, Sounds like I have a similar issue (using Mac). Loaded up and started playing my Newcastle save today and noticed that my autosave failed. So I tried to save manually (but no luck). Then read up on some potential fixes - tried to change file name, and also tried to save to a different location (my desktop). Still coming up with the fail saved message. Deleted some items from my laptop and cleared some disk space in case that was a potential fix too. Really don't want to close down my current game right now before I can save it - as I'm worried the save would be lost for good! I've just led the Toon into the CL and Moukouko is joining us shortly, so I'd be gutted to lose this save. Has anybody (who uses Mac) worked out how to fix this issue, or how to create a workaround? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Just wondered if anybody else has noticed that the big clubs in England are playing full strength teams in the league cup? In my current save, for example, in the last two -seasons, 3 of the top 6 clubs have made up the semi-finalists each year. And looking back on the games they played to reach the semis they have arguably played full-strength teams in every round.
  3. Hi all, Just entered my second season with Newcastle, and I'm struggling to find a working tactic after taking somewhat of a revolution over the last few transfer windows. Lots of players have come in & out, and I think we have a higher quality squad now. However, the performances are not matching this at all. I've put my squad below. I'm open to suggestions on any formation, as the inconsistency is driving me crazy! I've experimented between 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-2-1, and a version of 5-3-2 (think similar to the England world cup tactic). I've had good spells with each, but no consistent strong performances. Ideally, I'd like to continue to play a high-press style tactic. But other than that I'm willing to adapt for a better season (I finished 14th last season. Started v well but ended poor, but with good cup runs) Thanks!
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