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  1. Exactly why I decided to sell Embalo. He's very left footed, has a poor off the ball attribute of 11 and has the player preferred moves of 'runs with ball often' and 'runs with ball down the left'. He's extremely one-dimensional and whenever I gave him the nod over Felipe he preformed less. It hurt my left side.
  2. Yes, I mean to type Joao Felipe, he's my winger. Dantas is probably one of the oldest players in my B team. He's not bad but I have many better options and players like Tiago and Cardoso have come through the academy to far surpass him. Also, he has a determination attribute of 4 and he refused to be tutored when he was still young. Joao Felix is probably on par with Felipe in my pecking order and has so far notched up 6 goals and 10 assists in the league and we're only in January. However, I like the pace Felipe has and he offers something different down the wing. Both are interchangeable depending on the way I want to approach the following game. Umaro Embalo is probably my biggest regret and/or disappointment. I had high hopes for him and at one time I think he had an acceleration rating of 20. But unfortunately I just couldn't get him to perform and then Chelsea came in with a £25m bid and I had to accept. He's now loaned out to Espanyol from the 31st of January of the current game year so hopefully he'll start to play some decent football. I bought Xadas as well but my preference for club grown talent meant that he found himself on the bench a lot of the time and eventually asked for a transfer. Don't forget to have a look at Joao Carvalho. He's a pretty great wide playmaker in my game.
  3. I don't want to steal the thread away from you, I'm looking forward to reading the possession posts later today when I get home from work. I play 442 and have reached two Champions League semi finals but have struggled when coming up against three in the middle sides. Those two semi final defeats and an 'early' exit in the quarter finals have all come against Arsenal who are simply too good in midfield for me to handle, even if I play Fernandes as an inverted wing back or play Carvalho or Felix as wide playmakers tucking inside. My starting line up is this, as I said, only one non-academy player in my squad: Svilar; Pinto, Dias, Alvaro, Ribeiro*; Guedes, Batista, Sanches, Filipe; Sousa*, Batista* Bench: Fernandes, Cardoso*, Carvalho, Sousa*, Félix, Gomes, Gaipo* The players with an asterisk are regens who came through our academy. I only bought Sanches, Guedes and Dias. I sold Dias to Manchester City but bought him back three seasons later for the exact same transfer price. I play the following tactic: Goalkeeper Full-back (s) Central Defender (d) Central Defender (d) Full-back (s) Wide Midfielder (a) Deep Lying Playmaker (d) Roaming Playmaker (s) Winger (s) Deep Lying Forward (s) Poacher (a) If you want to see how some of those players have turned out in 2024 in my game, feel free to ask. I can tell you that Alex Pinto has developed into one of the worlds best full-backs and is equally comfortable at central defense. Here is his profile: Have been thinking about going three at the back with Dias, Alvaro and Pinto. That way I can give Fernandes starting minutes at right wing back.
  4. of course when you play as benfica you get insane regens all the time. these are my top 3 so far, a ready made future portugal midfield and a delightful poacher
  5. not sure if he is still the same on the new database as i started only this benfica save when buying the game and i'm still slow managing many months later, but have a look at a kid called diego batista in the u19s because he can turn into this (and has turned into this on fm17 as well so i think his potential might be fixed at something quite decent?). i am only a goalkeeper away (currently still mile svilar) of not only fielding a complete academy first eleven throughout all of the season but also being really competitive with it. two champions league semi finals with a complete academy squad or ten academy players of the first eleven is pretty decent. wish a goalkeeper would come through. one has, but he's maxed out potentially i think at only 19 years old. i signed back renato sanches and goncalo guedes from bayern and psg because i had so much money in the bank from selling non academy players that i could easily drop 70 million on each. they are benfica academy players after all. i play a simple 442 because it allows me to develop forwards, wingers, midfielders, full backs and center backs in the u19 and B squads.
  6. what's wrong with having two different approaches and two different opinions on how to play? i think cleon is a bit more absolute in wording his preferences as a football manager while rashidi, i find, is more nuanced. compare it to linguistics, rashidi will be more inclined to add 'in my opinion'. both look like logical, quite different solutions to how you can play a 433 with a mezzala
  7. the roaming playmaker. i play a flat 442 and he is essential in being the link man all over the pitch. i always try and look for the ppms runs with ball through center and dictates play to accompany it.
  8. @Rashidi, is there anywhere else where you explain how to use shape in different situations? i'm fairly comfortable playing my different iterations of a 442 but would like to learn more about when to play attacking-highly structured or -structured instead of attacking-flexible, for instance. i've found your shape-2 video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L53HSIoi0g0) but was wondering if there's somewhere to watch or read up a bit more even. or anyone else really, doesn't have to be rashidi ofcourse. cheers!
  9. yes the 442 is incredibly fun to toy around during games and trying to figure out how to morph it into something capable of winning the game. last night i created a brazilian box midfield with a flat back four formation. that's with a simple left winger and a simple right full back providing the width. that, for me, is the real fun in a 442.
  10. it's a very simple solution and i kind of feel stupid for not thinking of it myself but to not use a ball winning midfielder until he has learned the trait 'do not dive into tackles' makes so much sense. i'm playing a 442 flat myself or a 433 wide when my second striker is injured or tired and they do tend to pick up a lot of (early) bookings. usually it's fine and it helps if you have a balanced, simple enough system with players close to each other but even then it's a liability sometimes when you just play with half an eye on the game and you come back from a **** or a coffee and he's sent off. had this happen to me in the euro cup final with v valencia, matic got himself sent off within 6 minutes with a straight red (kante was injured and i thought about a central midfielder on support or defend even with close down much more and hard tackling). have told three of my midfielders to learn this trait. cheers!
  11. i love how the much lower tempo draws teams in and almost puts them to sleep before pinging one over the top to an onrushing shadow striker. tried a couple of variations in midfield and attack that suited my team and have landed on using an attacking midfielder on attack with 'hold up ball' up top, flanked by your two shadow strikers. also i've distributed the playmaker role to the left side and installed a more aggressive sitter next to him to line up like this: roaming playmaker, central midfielder on defend and central midfielder on support with more direct passes and more risky passes (only on the support one to the right). but it's a great way of playing composed, controlled football. feels almost cerebral in its approach. well done.
  12. i had some success with what i call a 'mobile target man': a target man on support with roam from position and move into channels active. this made him chest down the ball in all areas of attack and made sure i had plenty of different players running off him: a winger, an attacking midfielder or even a wing back.
  13. sorry, forgot to post my complete set up at feyenoord. once again, thanks for handing me the inspiration in such clearly thought out and simply worded out posts. cf(a) ap(s) wm(a) rpm(s) bwm(d) wp(s) wb(s) cd(d) cd(d) wb(a) gk(d) the complete forward is in the left central slot, the attacking midfielder is in the right central slot so they are offset a bit but if i align centrally i can't quite implement that graphically on this forum. the triangle between the roaming, advanced and wide playmaker is a joy to behold and they make the ball elusive for the opposition
  14. thank you herne for persisting in your love for 442. i've recently jumped ship in my game from barcelona to feyenoord. i know, quite the downwards jump but i got terribly sick of the transfer market where you basically have to cough up a minimum of 20m for a regen valued 200k. and i wanted to start a youth academy challenge: win the league with a squad of 24 academy players. immediately upon arrival a couple of things jumped out at me: i have a ridiculous midfield in terms of ball control and passing. i have a tall, strong target man striker who can't head the ball i have the highest average in many mental attributes, including and most importantly work rate and determination as i was reading your adventures i quite fancied implementing a 442-ish tactic. i change the midfield roles to a playmaking triangle of roaming, advanced and wide playmakers simply because i really want to play a possession game and those three players should make keeping the ball look easy. i also changed the striker to a complete forward to maybe get some benefit from my tall african striker i'm yet to be beaten come december and top the table with 15 wins and 3 draws, averaging 60%+ possession and generally looking very, very comfortable on the ball. the playmaking triangle are magnets for the ball and they play it around well until something opens up or they are in a position to have a go at goal themselves. i really like what you've done with team instructions in your 442. i only pumped up the closing down a little more even simply because we can and because we have the highest pace average in defence and the highest team work rate average in the eredivisie. so they are now: close down much more roam from position push up slightly higher retain possession dribble less also i have changed the right defender to a wing back on attack because i quite want him to get forward a little bit more than the full back on attack on that side. the left wing back on support is marvellous for recycling possession when things get too tight up top. thank you for typing out and explaining everything as simply as you have. this thread has been a huge help in building a possession heavy 442 in the netherlands.
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