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  1. Hi, Is it possible to get more detailed scout reports in FMT? Or can we only do scout reports? I am just wondering as I know you can do more scouting in full fat version and get better information and I am unsure if this is possible on FMT
  2. Can anyone offer advice on the below tactic? ---------------DLF(A)-------------- IF(A)--------------------------W(S) ---------BBM(S)---AP(A)--------- ------------------------------------ ---------------DLP(D)------------- FB(A)---CD(D)---BPD(D)---FB(A) --------------SW(S)-------------- I have 'Roam from position', 'Creative Freedom', 'Pass out of defence' as well as Control mentality with flexible shape. I am keeping loads of clean sheets (9 out of 11 in league to start season) but I cannot seem to score many goals. I have won 8 of those games, but a lot of them were 1-0 or 2-0 with late goals making the scoreline look more comfortable. I am wanting to score more goals, but really struggling. I am in my 5th season with Spurs and this lack of goalscoring is costing me the title as I have finished 2nd last 2 seasons by 1 point.
  3. On another note, how are Spurs finances on you guys games? I have never been in debt, but I am continuously hovering around a -£10m debt come end of season (This then tends to jump up to around £80m after other end of season income) and I don't think I have had a transfer budget of more than £45m.
  4. I would sell. I managed to get £72m for Kane at the end of first season and purchased Martial & Berardi for a combined £65m, best decision I made. Kane has ended up travelling around Europe and is with Dortmund at the min on mine. Never really been prolific anywhere but has always got 15 goals. I think you can get way better though for £62m, maybe even in another position if you already have brilliant attackers.
  5. Just been offered £72m after negotiating for Kane and had an offer for £33m accepted by Man Utd for Martial. Seems like a no brainer to me to make the deals, but I don't want to if Martial isn't very good as a CF and Kane is brilliant. Also, if not Martial, anyone better at that age?
  6. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    Didn't do it in the end, went for Pogba at £70m. Considering Messi is available for sub £50m now, it may have been a good decision. Never had Messi before though so I aren't sure how good he is.
  7. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Lionel Messi Your Team: Man Utd Buyer/Seller: Barcelona Player's Value: £43m Offer: £47m (£19m up front, £24m over 48months & £4m after 50 league goals) Transfer/Wage Budget: £60m Patch: FMC Tablet Season: Dec 2016 Never had Messi on a version of FM, is this worth it. He will be 30 in the summer.
  8. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Gareth Bale Your Team: Man Utd Buyer/Seller: Real Madrid Player's Value: £20m Offer: £27m (half over 3yrs) Transfer/Wage Budget: £80m Patch: FMC Tablet Season: June 2016 Already have Depay, Di Maria, Janujzai, Nani. Thinking I could maybe move Depay up front as a DLF-A and put Bale on wing
  9. Refund

    Hi, You have to request the refund through the Apple App Store. Generally they are really good with that sort of thing and will sort fairly quickly. SI cannot arrange any refunds, it has to be the company you purchased from that issues the refund (ie. Apple). I hope that helps. Sam
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any techniques to find regen players on FMH15? How do you know who is going to be retiring to be able to search for that player when he comes back? I am really struggling in mastering this technique, especially when I read on here and people are easily finding amazing regen players. Any help would be great Sam
  11. @itsrpss I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on interface changes. Hopefully now a lot of development has gone into the ME, SI can concentrate on improving the interface for next year. The general gameplay is of a top tier game but it looks and navigates like a game from the mid 2000's, requiring way too many clicks to navigate to vital information.
  12. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but it would be great if you could have the game speed fast but when a key event kicks in with pitch view the game would automatically slow down to normal speed. This way we can at least see the match engine better when viewing the game.
  13. I have a Retina iPad Mini. The text is readable, but when reading text on anything optimised for a retina screen (ie. Web pages like this one) text is considerably sharper than on the game. All text just has a fuzzy texture around the edges.
  14. My only gripe so far is the skin isn't particularly good. With all the high resolution phones/tablets around, the skin looks really poor and is definitely not crisp at all. I'm surprised this hasn't been updated in the new release as its been an issue for the last 2 versions.
  15. Do we have regens or newgens for new players each season in FMH15? Also, is there a cap on the amount of season you can play for 1 game save (ie. 10 years)? Can't wait for this.