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  1. Hi, Is it possible to get more detailed scout reports in FMT? Or can we only do scout reports? I am just wondering as I know you can do more scouting in full fat version and get better information and I am unsure if this is possible on FMT
  2. Can anyone offer advice on the below tactic? ---------------DLF(A)-------------- IF(A)--------------------------W(S) ---------BBM(S)---AP(A)--------- ------------------------------------ ---------------DLP(D)------------- FB(A)---CD(D)---BPD(D)---FB(A) --------------SW(S)-------------- I have 'Roam from position', 'Creative Freedom', 'Pass out of defence' as well as Control mentality with flexible shape. I am keeping loads of clean sheets (9 out of 11 in league to start season) but I cannot seem to score many goals. I have won 8 of those games, but a lot of them were 1-0 or 2-0 with late goals making the scoreline look more comfortable. I am wanting to score more goals, but really struggling. I am in my 5th season with Spurs and this lack of goalscoring is costing me the title as I have finished 2nd last 2 seasons by 1 point.
  3. On another note, how are Spurs finances on you guys games? I have never been in debt, but I am continuously hovering around a -£10m debt come end of season (This then tends to jump up to around £80m after other end of season income) and I don't think I have had a transfer budget of more than £45m.
  4. I would sell. I managed to get £72m for Kane at the end of first season and purchased Martial & Berardi for a combined £65m, best decision I made. Kane has ended up travelling around Europe and is with Dortmund at the min on mine. Never really been prolific anywhere but has always got 15 goals. I think you can get way better though for £62m, maybe even in another position if you already have brilliant attackers.
  5. Just been offered £72m after negotiating for Kane and had an offer for £33m accepted by Man Utd for Martial. Seems like a no brainer to me to make the deals, but I don't want to if Martial isn't very good as a CF and Kane is brilliant. Also, if not Martial, anyone better at that age?