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  1. Although sometimes they do offer a new contract to the player...
  2. Januzaj and Di Maria both work well coming off the left as a Ram. Januzaj after a couple of seasons especially.
  3. 1. Managing the under 18's and 21's would be brilliant. 2. Reputation and status being linked up better - A season after winning the treble, releasing a 35 year old who doesn't play anymore leaves the fans unhappy etc. Likewise you should get more credit for doing a good job without winning anything ( Moyes / Pochetino etc)
  4. I get it a lot with players on dual nationality, or coming up to gaining another passport basically getting one cap and then ignored. Rescadani was hammering goals for me for five years, started to consider playing for England (after being ignored by Italy and Argentina) and two days before his nationality came through got his one and only cap.
  5. Is it something closer to Schur-ruh-ley? Either way, Franz wasn't sure
  6. They were for my team, and I know goals from corners happen, but to go in directly from the actual corner without touching another player?
  7. So I'm five games into the season, and in two I've had goals direct from corners (taken by centre backs who are terrible at corners) and a free kick from the half way line in another game. Anyone else seeing issues?
  8. Try Sunny, or Luke Hyam. Both don't look particularly good, but can be effective in the right team.
  9. General question on how you are all finding developing players. The one's I've played fairly regularly in my first team have come on leaps and bounds, but there seems to be little movement with any of the players I've sent on loan. All have gone to decent leagues and plays the majority of games for the clubs, but with little impact on stats. I've also noticed the AI teams youngsters seem to suffer in terms of development. Anyone noticed anything?
  10. I know he's had a decent career, but a few years ago on every save I did Edu would always wind up back in England, and eventually become first choice for the England international team.
  11. I'd throw Calum Paterson into the mix. Weird stats but can be developed into a decent target man or winger
  12. I'd just like to add that having played for a couple of days post update it's really interesting the differences tactic and approach wise with managing a team in the EPL and League 2. Makes it a lot more enjoyable
  13. I always had no problems buying FM's. Got the hard copy from the computer centre on Hennessey Road, but sometimes had trouble when connecting to steam - had to mess around with regional setting etc.
  14. I'd say the roles you have chosen for the central midfield means you are left too open.
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