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  1. Nobody is bragging here. I think almost everyone from the more experienced players agree that the game needs to have more challenge. The skill ceiling needs to be higher since we have had so many new features to help us play the game. On your four points: 1. People are overachieving with weaker teams aswell and getting several league promotions in row. And I don't think playing with a big team should make your opinion not valid. There are people who play only their favourite team every year so they know more than anyone if achieving success is easier in this year's edition. 2. Gegenpress or Vertical Tiki taka presets are not exploit tactics. High line, high press tactics shouldn't be considered exploit tactics. I think these are the most usual tactics players are having massive success with. 3. I only agree on this one, that people need to evaluate on their success on long term rather than just one and half seasons. 4. I think this is a completely pointless argument that misdirects the discussion. Seems like some people are thinking it's some kind of personal attack on them when someone else posts their success on the forum. And people are not straight up with it because people are NOT bragging.
  2. Yeah it's way too easy for me to enjoy the game, other than doing experimental things in the game and trying out new tactics to have a challenge. If I played a normal 4-3-3 high press style and put minimal effort into managing my team morale I would overachieve massively with any team. The difference between overachieving in FM21 compared to the previous editions was that you don't really need to adjust your tactics, find the right players or do any real managerial decisions...you just pick the aggressive tactic of your choice and click 'Continue' endlessly and win 80% of your matches, draw 15% and lose 5%.
  3. I think it's an issue with Mourinho's tactical style in the game. More passive tactics are notoriously ineffective in the game. In FM20 Mourinho had Route One as his preferred tactic and in FM21 it's Fluid Counter I believe.
  4. Yeah it's just a different way of playing FM. Everyone has their preferences and there is no right way to play. I agree with you that loading more leagues and players creates a more realistic and immersive save. But IMO it's at a too high cost to game speed and makes it easier for a player to dominate the transfer market.
  5. Well I disagree completely. Loading more players and leagues heavily favors the player who gets a bigger pool of scoutable players and makes it easier to offload players you don't need. The player is always better and more active in the transfer market than the AI so anything that expands the transfer market heavily favors the player. The teams that suffer from not being loaded are those that you don't compete against so they are not relevant to you, unless you are having a journeyman save. If I'm managing Inter or Lyon it doesn't matter that Brazilian, MLS or Polish teams suffer because you won't be competing against them. Less prominent international teams also suffer but I think that's a different issue.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean with balanced. You will be competing mostly against teams in your domestic league or continental competitions and if you load their leagues in full they will be making transfers and acting somewhat realistically. If you manage in the European top 5 leagues you don't need to load USA or Brazil leagues because you won't be competing against them.
  7. I mean it's a good guide to make you think about what kind of database you really need but personally I think you are loading way too many nations and slowing down your game unnecessarily. Suggesting to load 27 nations minimum is bad advice to most people who want to have a fairly fast game. There is no need to load more than 80k players or more than 8 nations with their leagues. Extra top level leagues just give the player an advantage over the AI when it comes to offloading players. And I don't think the player needs any extra advantages considering how bad the AI squad building is.
  8. Against very defensive teams you are unlikely to get that many good chances so I would focus on getting instead a very large amount of low quality chances. 1. Set pieces. Study at how the opposing team defends their corners. If they have an aerially weak full back defending a near post, target that area. Use great dribblers to run at the defence to get freekicks or penalties. Long throws to cause havoc in their box. 2. Long shots. Try to move the ball sideways in front of their box to get good long shot chances. Look at your sub bench for long shot specialists. 3. Crosses. Get your aerial threats in the box and just bombard them Davis Moyes style.
  9. I'm absolutely crap at the game even though I've got thousands of hours on it since FM11. FM21 is the first one where I haven't had to put any effort into managing my team in order to win a lot. In previous FMs I would plan my training schedules, scouting assignments, build my squad over time and adjust my tactics in every match according to opposition reports and analysis. I could spend hours looking at match analysis and build my tactics. It was so much fun because it felt like I was making a difference with my efforts. In FM21 you just need to build one tactic that works from day one and if you do your teamtalks correctly you will have 75% win rate on pretty much any team.
  10. So is gegenpress an exploit tactic or should everyone use it? I'm confused. Maybe we should take away the pressing urgency settings altogether so everyone is using the same instructions.
  11. But Sevilla/Gladbach/Southampton are the kind of teams you can win the league with during the first season with absolute minimal effort, just use the gegenpress preset. How does it take longer than with Liverpool? I mean you'll probably draw or lose a couple times more but it doesn't delay winning the title more than a few matches. And cruising through the lower leagues makes it take longer yes...but IMO the matter of easy is not about how long something takes but how much effort goes in it. My wish is that doing smart transfers, scouting, training, man management and most importably tweaking your tactics makes the difference in being successful and not. As is right now you can ignore half of the game features just because how easy it is to succeed.
  12. Honestly I would be fine even with artificial difficulty increases, just to make the AI able to keep up with you. Such as morale boosts, better team cohesion for AI teams. But honestly they should just make AI use more aggressive tactics and it would make a big difference. Is there a weak team in some division that uses gegenpressing as a default tactic? It would be interesting experiment to watch their games in the ME and see if they overachieve similarly to a player team. If they don't, maybe there is something else under the hood that makes players so successful than just OP aggressive tactics.
  13. I'm skeptical holidaying with full detail simulation uses the same ME algorithm as when watching the games yourself. But I could be wrong.
  14. Is the preset gegenpress tactic an exploit? If it is, why is it included as one the preset tactics? I understand that there will always be tactics that exploit the ME but sensible tactics with aggressive pressing should not be so powerful that they work with ANY team and considered an exploit. And I think holidaying whole seasons does not really prove anything, actually playing the matches in ME really shows you how powerful these aggressive tactics are.
  15. Tactics wise: Don't use higher mentalities than balanced and don't use More Urgent or Extremely Urgent Pressing TIs.
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