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  1. Forgot one more moment. The "Past Meetings" info. Now it looks like this: I would like to see more info - smth like clickable dates when these games were played and some other stuff (goalscorers, tactics etc. - you name it). This would really help. Just think when a team plays 8-10 games against another team during 2-3 seasons... It's not enough to see that my team is better in the points area. I'd like to see more data on these games in the Pre-Match screen rather than finding manually the game info on these earlier played games in the Fixtures screen. ------------ How about newgens?
  2. I will be having two careers - one as unemployed sunday league footballer - all europe + south america as a database and the other career - River Plate (damn, time for them to return that glory...)
  3. OK, so here's smth from me. 1. Week-to-week info on the training of my players (not monthly). More info on how they train - good/bad/awful and why - because not enough professional, getting old for this etc. 2. More realism in transfers. If a player is worth 30 million and the team doesn't wish to sell him - then even a bid of 100 million should be blocked. I remember how Redknapp didn't want to sell Gareth Bale bla-bla until a bid of 50 million was accepted. Not-for-sale players and other stars, which managers don't want to sell, should not be sold at any price, even a billion )) 3. How about the 3D game engine? There are some minor bugs i guess... When a player gets a red card - he sits at the team bench - this is not correct, he should be leaving into the dressing-room. How about the idea of drawing the fourth referee, who will show the numbers during substitution and extra time? There is also a minor problem when the goalie catches the ball when the ball crosses the line (see picture). There should also be more goalie fouls and red cards for them. 4. Scandals? Players drunk after the match in the pub which resolves in bad behaviour and trainings. Doping-scandals are also an interesting moment in football. Maybe there should also be a way of controlling our medical crew so that doping won't be accidently used by players when they are treated from pneumonia etc. 5. Youtube uploads. There should be more than 11 seconds in the goal video, it's not enough to see some cool combinations or passes that helped create a goal. It would be even better if we could choose which time period should be uploaded (example: 51:02-51:27).