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  1. Hi FMers, anybody know if when you change some settings it still changes others eg. Previously if you set shorter passing it would automatically decrease tempo however it doesn’t appear to do so visually at least on the fm19 tactics creator. trying to recreate my philosophy and can’t really work out if I need to now increase my defensive line despite selecting press more for example and I don’t want to over do it, if it is changing things without showing it! Thanks
  2. Have a look at Davy Klassen as a Deep Lying Forward on Attack. Looks like he could be very good in that role ?
  3. Anybody know how i use the retina display on MacBook I'm sure last version had a tick box? I'm using late MacBook pro and my max resolution is rubbish!
  4. When I watch United which I do a lot as I am a fan it always seems to me as though the other players will actively look to get the ball to Pogba as much as is sensible to do so. he seems to be the one picking the ball up from the defenders and moving the ball through the midfield. I guess that is like the playmaker discription as far as FM goes. Roaming playmaker would seem to fit...? i dont see as much of Coutinho or Eriksen but im sure its similar in that they are the focus.. most touches in oppo half and so on..
  5. Ozil Playing for Arsenal out wide.... Not sure if all would agree but he comes to my mind.
  6. I remember one year FM15 I think I took over Barnet in league 2, they were odds on to go down but after 3 seasons I had made them play-off challengers. I had brought in some good players as was really exited about the season to come when I was sacked out of the blue ! cant remember the exact reason, take over/ glitch maybe but I was gutted took me a few days to get over it. In fact i think i stopped playing for a month or so because it hurt too much! hahaha good times !
  7. Firstly, a few people saying IF they buy FM18... c'mon your on the forum your going to buy the game! Stop kidding yourselves Had a good save on FM17 with Eastleigh in which i won the National League on the last day over Lincoln that was fun. I usually look for the teams without manager at the start on a save and find one that suits my style and see how i go. i like to manage Arsenal too even though I'm a Man United fan in the real world
  8. Im no tactical genius so take my advice with a pince of salt but just off the bat I would recommend losing the retain possession shout because on 'Defence' your already asking your team to play very short and then your adding more on top of that, plus i would add pass into space you may then find your full backs crossing lots more (I find with retain possession full backs rarely cross even if you ask them too) add to this drill crosses Firmino is a small, quick intelligent play and would get on the end of lots of drilled crosses. You may lose a little in possession but I think have more cutting edge. Again feel free to disregard this as im really struggling on FM17 myself ! LOL
  9. I payed £19.50 for it, I was sent a voucher code from aid the boss and a link I clicked the link, took me to greenman gaming, put the voucher code in and it gave me 51% off! I I then found out the I get the pre-order incentive too!! So I get the game 2 weeks early !!
  10. just pre-ordered FM13 after i got a e-mail from aid the boss giving my 51% off ! im well happy with that. just a silly question it will work on mac wont it, its just it was off of greenman gaming and i didnt see mac mentioned anywhere im sure its fine just wondering if anybody knows for sure. thanks!
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