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  1. Going well with Shangdong, above predicted! Hope it stays that way to the end of the season.
  2. Name: Ben Goldsmith Date of Birth: 29th June Nationality: English Tactical Atts: Tactical Knowledge, Pressing and Use of Playmaker Non-Tact Atts: Motivating, Buying of Players and Judging Potential Tendencies: Signs young players for the first team, Will fit players into preferred tactic Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1 with wingers Former Clubs: Norwich City, Fiorentina, Atletico Madrid
  3. Real Madrid! That wage is rather good I must say. I hope that those damaged cruciate ligaments won't affect me too much in performance, but my physicals have completely died.... Lost 6 in pace!
  4. Wow Goldsmith has a superb average rating, shame there isn't more MOM's though.
  5. This has been a great thread CB, can't wait for the next one.
  6. Ooohhh, doing well! Stoke finished 2nd?!!! hopefully that means a good squad, and Champions League as well!
  7. Oh dear, sacked..... We had been steadily improving as well...
  8. Chester Season 2012-13 Final League Table Boy was it close. Very close. Closer than I would have wanted. But we did it. Mainly thanks to this stunning victory over Corby. The cups aren't worth talking about, so I won't! Key Players Yann Nsaku - This guy was an absolute rock at the back, as well as his partner Radford. Not only did he keep them out at one end, but he was our third top scorer in the league with 11. Jerome Wright - The player of the season, by a country mile. He was superb down the left, our joint top scorer in the league as well as the most assists. He will be vital next year. Youth Players Greg Patel (YP2) - Gave him a few games when I got him, managed to get a goal, making him Chester's youngest ever scorer. Unfortunately he got a injury so took no further part in the season. Richie Dixon (YP1) - Unfortunately Richie played no games, but I certainly hope to use him in a few games next year to help him improve. Facilities Managed to gain a few upgrades this year, including Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. However, the most important was the Youth Facilities upgrade, so I must make sure we have enough money for this to take place. Transfers - I would never cheat! Next Season - The main aim is too survive! Hopefully the youth facilities upgrade goes through, and hopefully either Patel or Dixon will get some goals, that was something which are other strikers lack regularly. EDIT: Oh Dear.... Not good! Hopefully i can get them upgraded next season instead.
  9. Well March 13th is here.... and here is the Youth Intake To say that I am a bit shocked at the amount of strikers is an understatement. Richie Dixon (YP1) Greg Patel (YP2) These are the two who get the YP tags from me, and they both have the potential to be good BSP strikers. Now to try to win the league.
  10. Just a quick mid season update on how things are going in my first season with Chester. We are already out of the FA Cup and Trophy, the less said the better. However, things are going slightly differently in the league... Can't wait for the first youth intake now!
  11. -Who you are managing - Chester -How many seasons you have completed - 0 -Your current division - BSN
  12. Wow, an £85k stadium, gonna be big then! 4-4-4 you say? Well I suppose if you can get away with it, then why not! Anyway, hopefully next season will be better.
  13. Thanks! Hopefully I can emulate yours and others successes
  14. Having finished pre season, a superb first two games of BSN life has come about. Firstly, beating relegated Braintree 2-1 away is a great result. We then faced Worcester in our first home game, which was announced to be a fan day, and brought about a bumper 3263 crowd. [video=youtube;fQksYqTxHKc] To say that I could not have asked for a better scoreline and display would be an understatement. Long may this continue!
  15. Unfortunately, my FC United of Manchester save is no more. Had a problem with the computer, and it is gone... which was so annoying as it was going pretty well. So, I have managed to get a new computer, and am starting this challenge again, but with a different team. Yes, I have gone with Chester like many others, but hopefully a push for promotion early can be good. Here is my profile I have also managed to get the board to agree to upgrade Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching already as well.
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