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  1. Both actually. He is the biggest diva i've ever had on a team.
  2. Wait TWO CM DMs?? I never thought about this. So you get the AM lot of room to create?
  3. When i signed him he had one of those "Promises" to play him as an Attacking Mid. At the contract screen it was a demand i could not change. Am i committing managerial suicide by breaking it?
  4. I've given him those instructions because he has a ton of skill such as touch, off the ball and lots of high mental attributes. Honestly just trying to give him quality touches in or outside the box.
  5. You actually make good points about the IFs... The reason i put them as IF is that they don't cross well, but they do dribble well and was hoping to FEED the AMC. But it could cause them all demanding the ball in the same area.
  6. I've also been experimenting with this asymetrical setup where he is in the AMC-Right side slot to get some room away from the striker.
  7. Ok i didnt realize how easy it was to upload a screen so here it is..... With my AMC instructions. Reminder he demands to play that role.
  8. My other issue is that he starts EVERY game as Aggressive and unhappy and i have to give him like 3 shout outs a match to calm down. It's been one of my worst signings because im stuck playing with him at AMC bc of this arbitrary promise i had to make. I would much rather just put him as an attacking central mid that can dribble up field into space at least. But if i did that he would be unhappy and want a transfer.
  9. I have played 4-2-3-1 and now am trying an aysmetrical 4-2-3-1 to try and get the AMC as much space as possible. I want to talk about peoples experience with the AMC position rather than nit pick my line up. I feel like the role gets worse and worse every year. I cant get a talented AMC to barely get a goal or assist.
  10. I have a super talented AMC that wants to only play AMC (it was a promise i had to say yes to) and every formaiton I try and create he seems to just not get any great amount of touches. It seems like the ball just largely get's passed around him. I've played over 10 years of FM and it seems like every year the AMC role keeps getting more useless. My play a regular possession system.
  11. That's actually exactly what i want to do. I'm retraining the kid to play CM and go 4-1-3-2, which ends up being really strong. I have noticed a lot of threads about problems with central attacking mids. The game is dominated right now by wide play.
  12. Tactics; 4-3-1-2 vertical tika taka modified. Play through the middle, short passes, underlap My midfielders get their touches My fullbacks get their touches My strikers get their touches I wish there was a "Pass to this guy more" instruction My expensive number 10 (who is super talented) get's the fewest touches on the team and it's not even close. They just pass the ball around him, out to the full backs, back to the midfielders. Through ball to the strikers from deep. I'm convinced my only option is to retrain him as a standard midfielder.
  13. Ok. You can still pay for it right ? Not just edit the buidling.
  14. Has anyone ever had luck expanding their stadium at Arsenal? It's obviously pretty big, top of the line stadium but i was wondering if i can expand even more? Put the stadium mechanics aside.
  15. OOTP does this and i actually like it. They are also 2D and look a lot more natural.
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