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  1. Talk about rude. Kriss "Take it to the Data forum please if you feel that strongly about it." themadsheep2001"If you think there is a Data Error, please post in the relevant forums (note, one youtube clip will not cut it)" Closed thread. Shouldn't you be the nice guys being a moderator? GIve me a link to the right forum then, transfer me, be nice, say "Hey Agaton, your in the wrong forum, Post this here http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/356-Football-Manager-2014-Data-Issues and we'll take a look a it" Apparently its wrong to have an opinion now? Isn't that one of the reason having a forum, to discuss and share opinions? just wow..
  2. Well in that case its 20 flair for Messi and only 18 for Ibrahimovic, still flawed. 14 in creativity is still not fair though. Ibrahimovic is finding new roads/passes everywhere.
  3. Well excuse me but how the hell can Zlatan Ibrahimovic only have 14 in Creativity when Messi got 20?! Everyone knows Ibra is THE ONE when it comes to making crazy things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI8SV0racrY <---- just yesterday.
  4. Money can definitely a be a key factor, even if a team doesn't want to sell the player. There's almost always an offer you cant refuse, especially for smaller clubs. Sure it could be more refined but making a strict line that they're not going to sell a player is not realistic. Scandals might be realistic ( though tragic) but would surely create huge problems with licensing. And how that selection work? It's not gonna happen, and rightly so.
  5. Graphical stats on how your ingame decisions affected the game. Like, if I told my team to run with ball often, it would be nice to see a before and after instruction. I also kinda want that since I felt that my ingame decisions doesn't really affect the outcome much, so I kinda want some evidence that it actually does Thanks alot, FM12 looks really sweat