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  1. Wow! Just seeing 'FM14' has made me excited. Lots of good things in the FM13 ME and I'm betting FM14 has built on that. The new tactical set up looks refreshing.
  2. Yeah. It was really weird. Unfortunately, I can't recall the exact steps I took in order to replicate the issue. I think I did the following: - Gave my overall team talk - Then clicked on pitch to change highlights from 'Key' to 'Full Match' - It then had the little * sign next to 'Tactics' implying I had some changes (could be teamtalk because that's under 'Tactics') - I went back to team talk and tried clicking 'Start Second Half' but it only took me back to pitch view where the * was still next to 'Tactics' - I hit the 'Cancel Pending Changes' button and the second half started Problem was, I couldn't make any tactical changes for the entire second half because the play button would always be deactivated and the only way I could activate it was by clicking 'Cancel Pending Changes'. Also, at the end of 90 mins I couldn't give an overall team talk as it was still set to the one I'd selected at half time - left me with a few confused players, but they're used to illiterate ramblings from their manager by now. Fortunately, my mighty Notts County boys won 2-0 with a goal in the last 10 minutes - perhaps it's a sign from FM telling me I should leave things alone because I do more harm than good! I'm pretty sure it's a bug but, as I say, I can't remember how to replicate it.
  3. OK, apparently it's because I made some tactical changes. I cancelled the pending changes and the second half has started. The problem is I can't make any tactical changes because the play button becomes disabled :S
  4. OK, I must be doing something stupid. I've done my teamtalk and clicked 'Start Second Half', but the play button is disabled and nothing I do will start the match. Any suggestions?
  5. This was my [limited] understanding of how passing works. Can you have more than one target man? Say an AML, AMR & STC set to target men with supply set to run onto ball? The issue I have is in thinking the longer balls forward to players in an attacking position requires a relatively neutral/attacking mentality from the players pumping the ball forward. Then again, I'm never too sure as to whether mentality, when it comes to passing, is more of a risk based concept. So players on lower mentalities will make a forward pass if the probability of success is relatively high, thus the risk of conceding possession is relatively low. i.e. the forward player is in a decent amount of space. So to encourage the fullback to pass to the wingers (AML, AMR) it's best to have the wingers holding their position between the opposition lines (FWR = rare) and the fullbacks on a more direct passing, so that the FB has the passing options available and a passing style which allows him to exploit them. However, the confusion comes when I come across shouts called "get ball forward". This suggests, from a layman's perspective, that more direct passing encourages more long and forward passing. However, I suppose what it actually does in practice is get the ball forward more quickly due to the players higher up the pitch being within passing range of the players lower down the pitch. The way I try to imagine passing - this may be fundamentally flawed - is to imagine the pitch divided into 3: defensive third, midfield third and final third. The most direct passing (14 - 20 clicks) puts the final third within range of the defensive third, whereas short passing (1-6 clicks) restricts the range to players within the defensive third and players on the cusp of the defensive/midfield thirds (DMs). The same can be said for the Midfield third, on a low passing restricts them to passing to players directly in contact with their third - be it forward or back. Mentality then determines how many of these passes go forwards, sideways, etc. The counter attack option being ticked seems to get the ball forward quickly and commit men forward with the team breaking from deep positions to attacking positions. As you say, this doesn't help if you're a weak team trying to bypass the midfield of a strong team without committing men forward on the break. I suppose the traditional method is to employ a big striker as a target man and have him hold it up/distribute it to the wingers and advancing central midfielder. However, I've always been a fan of a fullback spreading play to the opposite wing, thus exploiting an opposition team playing narrow. I don't think this is a possibility in FM. This is why I like FM as a strategy game - so many dimensions The ambiguity of the game also makes it enjoyable because there are always colourful discussions within the tactics forum and a constant opportunity to learn something new.
  6. Apparently Nathan Dyer is better than a hybrid of Messi and Ronaldo... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Wake me up when 13.3. is released. Good night.
  7. The best thing you can do is go to the link below and read the threads created by SFraser. In my opinion, he was the greatest tactician on the FM forums and his threads are sorely missed. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/275644-The-SFraser-Memorial-Thread-Links-to-all-the-discussions-and-guides. I recommend 'Building your formation using the Tactical Instructions' and 'Fundamental Attacking Tactics' (under FM2010 - still relevant) to start with. All of those threads are well worth a read.
  8. This ME is the best ever and is completely flawless. I haven't seen that mentioned much in here - prize please.
  9. Which means we can all be agreed that the problem is definitely not as simplistic as a few too many long shots. Thus, simply reducing the number of long shots merely acts as a proverbial sticking plaster for a wound which requires more attention. Demonstration, again, that this ME has some fundamental issues, which begs the question of why it was released.
  10. Replace finished with "stable". To me, these aren't "improvements" which are being made, instead they are "fixes". It also seems the long shots issue is symptomatic of poor decision making from players - the player chooses to shoot as a preferred option to a through ball.
  11. I have to say, I've persevered with this game knowing that there are issues with the ME. However, I just don't find it enjoyable to play. Yes, some of the attacking movement is beautiful, yet it rarely ends with a Through Ball but instead finishes with a long shot/super dribble/cross bar miss-cross/cross to the far post/etc. The defending in this game is hopeless. I'm forever sitting there and urging my players to TACKLE! Instead, they try shepherding the player, whilst the man on the ball simply runs across the whole pitch - both the opposition players AND my players. I don't like moaning about SI, but I find it quite bemusing that a senior developer has acknowledged that he's released software knowing it wasn't quite finished. And whilst he would like to improve the ME in the 13.3 release, he is conscious of the fact that he wants to, "...start work on the FM2014 ME in good time to apply the polish that will truly see it show its full potential". I'm sorry, but this isn't good enough - it's not good enough in any professional industry, and the games industry should be no different. Fortunately for SI, the FM series faces no real competition, which means a consumer backlash is limited and minimal. I also believe the post (791) made by an official representative of SI is enough evidence to obtain a refund for those who aren't satisfied with the product they have purchased. Personally, I will wait in good faith for the next release (13.3).
  12. Just as Kuchiki says: Tick the players you want to be available for the reserves --> Right click --> Squad --> Available for Reserve squad --> 45/60/90 mins http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/534/reservesx.png/
  13. If the player isn't getting played very much his match fitness will be low. If he's in your senior squad, right click on the player and select "available for reserves" - he'll then play in the reserve games and you should see his match fitness improve.
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