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  1. zinedremomeri got me thinking about a 4-4-2. I'm currently testing a version on a Man Utd save - the football's nice, but I'm waiting to see if it lasts and if it needs any tweaks.
  2. @zinedremomeri: I remember your 4-4-2 version on FM11 - definitely more chances created in attack and is more adaptable for teams, as it doesn't rely on highly technical inside forwards. The main differences from FM11 is the increased closing down and increased creative freedom. I think slight changes have been made to the Tempo, but I can't remember. It's been so long since I've been able to have a decent run on FM. Looking forward to a 4-4-2 variation.
  3. @ibro46: Yes to everything. Since that weekend I haven't really played FM But I'm trying to work on the theory of balance/equilibrium. In my mind, if you beat the statistics (shown in the Match Stats) then you'll win the majority of games. Using the slider mechanics from post 2, a neutral/balanced position would be 8-11-14 for all Individual settings and 10/11 for the Global settings. But, I want to weight the sliders in order to "overpower" the statistics. So... Mentality: Slightly more attacking (11-14-17) Creative Freedom: Slightly more creative/expressive (11-14-17) Passing: Sli
  4. It'll definitely be compatible with other teams, whether its successful with other teams is an entirely different matter
  5. @Gee I haven't looked at his attributes yet - I'll have a look in a while and then come back. I'll give a generic explanation though. See, the good thing about having the High Creative Freedom is the players will adapt the role to suit them. But, I've found they still use the core tactical instructions as a guideline. I'll try and explain comparing Hernandez and Messi - I took this tactic to Man Utd to see how they played with it. I've watched it so much with Barce that I know how they play in the game, but I wanted to compare it with how other players adapt the tactic to fit their game. Me
  6. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/259190-Total-Football-Tic-Tac-Magick?p=6612736&viewfull=1#post6612736 It's from my original thread and hasn't changed for FM12. -------- Sorry guys, I haven't been on much. Work has been pretty hectic and I haven't had a free weekend for two weeks. I'm hoping this weekend will be free and I'm looking to tweak the tactic to make it more like that found in the EPL. @cragswfc: I tried the tactic and liked it. I was having more success with the wide players set to Mixed Forward Runs. @countfu@luka: I don't bother tweaking the Time Wasting or Te
  7. Looks good! Lots of passing triangles for the players to use. I'll deffo try at the weekend.
  8. Lol! I wasn't expecting a formation like that! Sounds interesting...can't wait to have a go
  9. Nice...I'll have a go with it over the weekend What's the formation and how's it going?
  10. I'm pleased with how the striker is dropping into the hole and picking out through balls for the wingers which are cutting inside. Currently on a winning streak of 20 games in the League - Real Madrid are faltering slightly
  11. I'm probably bias, but I'd go with Barce if you want an easy life. Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas as midfielders means you just have to worry about building for the future Plus, Real seem to have more attacking midfielders instead of central midfielders. Not sure how Kaka or Ozil would fit into the tactic :confused: I've tried buying Ronaldo for Barcelona, he didn't want to come. I'm thinking of buying Silva just for jokes - Villa, Pedro and Sanchez are all quality Inside Forwards to have, but Silva would beat them all. I also bought Otamendi for a Puyol replacement and he's playing really well.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. The filters should be similar from last year. I'll have a look within the next few days to see if they should be changed. The striker role has similar attributes to the Trequatista (not sure if I've spelt that right ) and I'd include finishing for the wide players if the filters haven't included them. I'm unbeaten in 60 games in the league and won 16 in a row - a record previously held by Real Madrid. Lost 1 game and drawn 3 out of 40 this season. Loss was away to Athletic in the cup, but they are my bogey team as they play a 3-4-3 which pressures the back line a lot
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