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  1. Weird, just loaded about 15 leagues and all of a sudden i was given the option of jan 15 start dates so problem solved i think. Thanks for the input everyone!
  2. thats what i like to do pain, just tried loading the game starting in the usa but it only gives my the option of jan 2014 not 2015, when i load it the premier league hasnt begun yet. its very odd as all the previous games did it fine!
  3. sorry for putting this into the wrong thread to start with. ive looked at a few different leagues and none of them give me 2015 start date option, theres a few that give me a jan 2014 option or dec 2013 but no 2015. maybe its been removed by the developers which is a shame as i always like taking over villa halfway through the first season as 9/10 lambert will have them in the bottom 3!
  4. on previous years versions of the game i was able to load up certain leagues that allowed me to start the game in jan the following year, i.e in fm14 the english league started game started in july 2013, if i loaded the hong kong league i could select the start date of the game as jan 2014. i like doing this as i can take over a team in jan with 6 months of simulated results all ready having happened. my question is how can i do this in fm15? i cant seem o find a league that starts in jan 2015 or even december 2014. any ideas anyone?
  5. on previous years versions of the game i was able to load up certain leagues that allowed me to start the game in jan the following year, i.e in fm14 the english league started game started in july 2013, if i loaded the hong kong league i could select the start date of the game as jan 2014. i like doing this as i can take over a team in jan with 6 months of simulated results all ready having happened. my question is how can i do this in fm15? i cant seem o find a league that starts in jan 2015 or even december 2014. any ideas anyone?
  6. I've the choice of buying Ryan Bertrand or Aaron cresswell for my villa team at the start of season 2. Both cost £2m, Bertrand 40k a week, cresswell 18k. Which should I go for? Cresswell slightly better defensive and technical stats, Bertrand better attacking and pace. Looking to play them in the left wing back position as a complete wing back attacking Cheers
  7. I'm still keeping an eye on gardner, he wanted to leave for game time, couldn't settle in the squad due to injuries and other players having much better form. Anyway it's feb 1st. signed a regen goalie, looked at nathan chalobah from chelsea but decided to stick with the team i have at the mo. Top of league by 5 points, tough run of games at the end of the season tho, arsenal currently bottom but i guess thats what happens when you hire the man who just relegated everton a season before! League cup; knocked out in quaters by spurs, played the reserves in my defence FA cup; knocked out in the 3rd round after 2 legs against southampton. Really annoyed at myself as I put out a weak side thinking it would be easy Champions league went well after a shaky start, finished 1st with bayern 4 points behind in 2nd. As a reward we've been drawn against Real Madrid in the 1st knockout round. Oh the Joy
  8. 3rd season done and dusted. Finished 2nd in 2nd season, board gave me £18m to spend. Got rid of a few free transfers i'd made at the start of season 2 at a profit, Outs; Matthew Briggs - £2m (free) Danny Baath - £1.9m (free) Sylla - £4m Agbonlahor - end of contract (wanted too much money) Gardner - £775k Tonez - free Albin Ekdal - £4m (free) Delfonesu - 525k released quite a few youngsters who weren't going to make the grade Ins; Callum Mcmanaman - £3m (entering last year of contract) Will Hughes - £5m (again last year) Wijnaldium - free Koen Casteels - free Granit Xhaka - £7m Michael Keane - 650k Ben Davis - £4m (last year of contract) playing a 4-2-3-1ish Champs League: Got drawn in the champions league with Barcelona, PSG and Olympiacos! Finished top beating barca at home and drawing away, they didn't get out of the group! I got knocked out in the 2nd knockout round on away goals after drawing home and away with AC milan League Cup: Won, beat man city in the final F.A cup: knocked out in semis by man utd Premier League: 1st. Didn't deserve to win, Arsenal were 8 points clear then collapsed near the end 3rd season, board give me £20m to spend and £1.3m wages. Most of my 1st team are on over 60k now, they deserve it! The only player not on a long term contract is matt lowton, he wants 99k a week! Planned on not making any major changes but got carried away Outs: Delph - £3.6m (last year) Steer - free Westwood - £6.5m Weimann - £7.5m (injury plagued few seasons and always unhappy) Wijnaldum - £3.6m (couldn't settle) Callum Mcmanaman - £4m (too many injuries) Ins: Ward-Prowse - £4.5m (last year of contract) Marlon McInns - £3.4m (regen, 4.5 star rating) Luka Djordjevic - free (19year old striker, a bit like mitorovic) Muaro Icardi - free Nathan Redmond - 700k (bargain) Got a few decent regens coming through the ranks This season I aim to mount a premier league challenge and try for the quarters of the champs league
  9. Cheers for the advice. Hopefully can grab him on the cheap
  10. Finished 2nd season, very tight at the top. Had been top 6 all season. Final day and I'm 1 point ahead of arsenal and 3 ahead of city who have a far superior goal difference, man Utd have already won the title Man U 1st Villa 2nd Arsenal 3rd Man city 4th I need to beat Southampton away to be assured 2nd , a draw will only do if arsenal don't win. I'm without key players (Luna and bacuna) 60 mins gone and Southampton take the lead. Man city score dropping me to third, arsenal still drawing, 1 sub left and out of attacking options I take the DM from my 4-1-2-2-1 and place him behind the striker, I bring on a 16 year old newgen for his debut as a shadow striker, 88 mins gone, we attack, goalie saves shot from helenius, weimann strikes...... It comes of the defender who inadvertently knocks the ball into the body of my newgen, we equalise as my player basically face plants the ball over the line (think weimanns winner against Fulham 2 seasons ago but a more scrambled and uglier goal) Final whistles all round, we're 2nd, unbelievable, I told the board and team a mid table finish, I was hopeful of Europa cup so this is amazing. Season ends i tell the board and team that we will qualify for the champs league, mixed reaction from team, board give me £14 million and increase the wage budget by 35k! Transfers: Out Agbonlahor - free. He wanted 59k a week to stay, didn't perform for me all season so let him go. Fans hate the decision. No other outs yet but I've received a lot of bids for fringe players that are tempting me. Danny batth - £2m, i got him on a free so am tempted Matthew Briggs - £2m, free again Delph -£2m, got injured, poor form, dropped to 2 star rating Sylla - £4m, ok season but that's a decent bit if money for him I think Ekdal - £5m, he played well, he was a free but am still tempted. Looking to get rid if steer and tonev. Steer got me knocked out of both cups with some absolute clanggers ( taking free kick from corner flag and passing it straight to opposition striker who taps it into an open net!) he then demanded first team football! Ins Georginio Wijnaldum - free (110k comp) Koen Casteels - free (100k comp) 22 yr old, 4 star keeper(Belgian) Casteels would only sign a 1 year deal but I'm confident of retaining him. That's all so far, looking at several deals tho. Will Hughes - derby £5m (last year of contract next season) Callum mcmannaman - Wigan £3m (same as Hughes) Oriol Romeu - Chelsea free Ignacio Camacho - Malaga free Granit Xhaka - gladbach £7m Definitely want Hughes and mcmannaman and then maybe one of the last 3. Xhaka is the youngest and has 17 for passing, romeu and camacho are pretty similar. What I really need is a back up left back, I'm trying to have as many British and Irish players in the squad as I can but I'm limited by cost, wage demands and how good they actually are. Tempted to get wijnaldums brother how's a left back. 3.5 star rating bit looks good for a back up.
  11. Karsa, culverhouse, Marshall, both fitness coaches and all scouts except wilkeman - out Ins, Steve walford, Ray wilkins, Kevin macdonald, David platt, Paul winsper and Martin Laursen are my usual go to guys
  12. It's early days in 2nd season but he starting for me on the left wing as an inside forward, he's ahead of weimann and gabby in that position. Played 5 premier league games, he's featured in all and scored 2 (including 89th minus equaliser at home to Man U) Anyway, 5 games into 2nd season, p5 won 3 (Swansea-a Norwich -h Fulham-a) drew 1 (Utd-h) lost 1 (arsenal-h) Beat charlton in cup and now have a nice home draw against Leicester. Along with my signings listed further up in signed Jon stones from Everton for £5m rising to £7.5m. Was a bit of a panic buy as I saw a few other clubs sniffing around and didn't want to miss out on him, he was part of my year 3 plan. Also signed a DM whose name I have completely forgotten. I needed cover in the middle of the park with Mitch and Ekdal out for a few months. Sent josh Webb and max Clayton out on loan along with Jordan graham, Gary Gardner and a host of other kids. Man U were eyeing up Jed steer but didn't make a bid. He's my number 2 although I was looking at McCarthy from reading. Maybe in jan. No one made a decent enough bid for weimann, I don't want him to go but he hates me and refuses to talk. He's valued at £3.9m, has several years left on his contract and the highest bid I received was 2.9m, I want £5 at least. Just another 7 hours of work before I can continue with my save
  13. Some how managed to delete my save game, was a few games into 2nd season and doing well (beat arsenal 3-1 with luna being sent off early on for me), luckily had a save file from the end of 1st season so started pre-season again. Started the game in feb 2014 with villa in 16th, finished 13th, want mid table at least for this year outs bent - fulham £2.5m n'zogbia - toulouse £1m hutton - hull 500k el ahmadi - heerenven £1m herd - palace 250k bennett - bolton 500k stevens - free given - chelsea £0 Guzan - man utd £1.5m clark - celtic £1.5m benteke - wolfsburg £29m + £1.3m over 12 months + £3.9m after 10 league goals = £34.2m total out = £37.8m ins Stevie May - St Jonstone free Matthew Briggs - fulham free Albin Ekdal - Caligari free Danny Batth - wolves free Max Clayton - Crewe free Marc-andre ter Stegen - Gladbach £4.4m Jordan Mutch - cardiff £1m Simon Tibbling - djugarden £1.9m Aleksander Mitrovic - anderlecht £6.25m Jannick Vestergaard - hoffenheim £7m Nearly at the end of pre-season and not planning anymore business until Weimann asked to leave, a few german teams have made £2m bids, no where near his value and he's upset i wont let him leave. Will try and keep a hold of him until end of the window then get him on a new contract, he wont talk to me at the moment tho
  14. A bit like villa in real life at the moment then!
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