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  1. Cleon. Just finished my first season (2015/2016) and took Swansea to 4th using this thread. Massive thank you for that!!!! I made some slight tweaks to the basic tactic; The right back was moved to an attack duty and I experimented at the end of the season with moving Ayew to the AM (L) position as a raumdeuter. I limited the TIs to 'play out of defence' and 'lower tempo'. Only averaged 53% possession throughout the season but I managed 60+ in 5 of the league matches.
  2. Dear all. Having spent the last few hours reading and thinking about the way I approach the game I think I know what it is I need help with initially. Please bear with me with the following as I think it might be helpful to explain what it is I want to achieve with this Swansea City save, before I get to the nitty-gritty. Footballing Philosophy (On the pitch) I want the team to play fast, attacking football. I want width and short passing. I want a high line and a high press. I do not want to play like Germany, Spain (since 2012) and anyone else who emphasises possession and a slow tortuous (to me when watching it) build up. Although I hated them, I always appreciated the way Man Utd attacked under Ferguson: Quick movement of the ball, lots of width, unpredictable. I have no problem with building up from the back and being patient in trying to create an opening. What drives me mad when watching Germany (and why I think they did not win Euro 2016) was a seeming inability to really drive at their opponents defensive line, particularly in wide areas. If their constant movement of the ball and recycling and building up from the back again didn't work, they seemed to struggle. I want to avoid that. I want the teams I play against to find it very difficult to defend against me because of the speed of my attack, and the variety of directions from which the ball could threaten their goal. Priority One: Score goals. Priority Two: Don't concede too many. I want to prioritise attacking and scoring goals but I am NOT looking to do that at the expense of defensive work. I will be playing as Swansea so I cannot rely on overpowering the opposition in the mould of Brazil, Real Madrid or Manchester United under Fergie. High tempo attacking play: Yes. Suicidal defending: NO. I am not certain if this is even possible or practical within the confines of the match engine so if I am living in a fantasy land someone please point that out and explain why. What I want the players to do If I had to identify the biggest shortcoming in my FM gameplay it is an inability to translate the sort of football I want into the match engine: Where will goals come from? How will my team defend? Who will create chances? What chances will they create? and so on. This makes it very very difficult for me to work out team instructions and player roles. What roles can/will result in what I want? So, below is a list of what I want each position to do, in order of importance. If something looks daft or unworkable, again, please somebody identify it and explain why. I am less concerned at the moment with the players and whether they are good for what I want. In the debate about fitting players to a system or a system to players, I am of the former school of thought. I am happy to spend time bringing in the players I want or, if I really have to, I can take this and use it with Arsenal. My priority is having some sort of starting point as to how particular roles produce what I want on the pitch on a positional basis but also how they fit as part of one overall system. Preferred Formation: 4-2-3-1. I think this lends itself to attacking football and ball retrieval based on high pressing. Goalkeepers Prevent the opposing team from scoring (Yes I know that one is axiomatic). Initiate attacks. Wide Defenders Prevent the opposing team from scoring. Support attacking moves Initiate attacks Central Defenders Prevent the opposing team from scoring, Initiate attacks. Central Midfielders/Defensive Midfielders Protect the defensive line. Assist in retrieving the ball. Initiate attacks Score goals. Wide Attacking Midfielders Create chances Score goals Assist in retrieving the ball. Support the wide defenders in defensive duties. This is a particular area where I am unsure. Should the wide players have to be predominately goal scorers or goal creators? Central Attacking Midfielders Create chances Score goals Assist in retrieving the ball. Another position where I am hopeless when it comes to an appropriate role for the player. Strikers Score goals Create chances Assist in retrieving the ball. My thanks if you have persevered to this point. As I said earlier, I am less concerned with which players I should be using. If I need to change the players over time I will do so. What I am looking for is: 1: Can this be done/ Are my positional priorities anywhere close to being compatible with the football I want to play? 2: Which roles are a good starting point for this philosophy and the jobs I expect the players to do? Once I have some idea as to player roles I can turn my attention to team/player instructions. Thanks in advance guys. If you have any questions or need me to try to explain something (better or at all) please ask.
  3. Hi. I recently upgraded the OS on my IMac (mid 2012) to the latest OS X (Sierra). FM 2016 is not running properly. It is taking more than 5-10 minutes to get to the game mode screen and every click brings out the spinning beachball of doom. My far less powerful (but SSD running) Macbok Pro has not been upgraded yet and will run the game fine. I am assuming that the issue is one of compatibility between the game and the latest OS but am not certain. Has anyone else found this problem, was it resolved, if so how was it resolved? Many thanks Meylan1910
  4. Hi. I have been on these forums for quite a while and have been doing a lot of reading of threads by Cleon, WWWfan and Llama3, particularly the latter's Pairs and Combinations guide. I am not looking for a "super tactic" or for someone to tell me exactly which roles, instructions, shape, mentality etc to do. I have an idea of how I want to play but I am rather unsure when it comes to assigning particular roles. Please bear with me as this may take a while but I want to do things properly, especially if I am going to ask for help. I am managing Chelsea on the new update and, unusually for me, I am not going to sign anyone in the first transfer window, nor sell anyone unless the offer is ridiculous. Therefore I will be using the squad as it is at the start. I will change the coaches because they are rubbish but that's another issue. I want to build two or three tactics to give my team some flexibility: The first, which will be my preferred option, will be as follows. 4-2-3-1 Wide. I want to be playing in such a way that I accomplish the following: 1: Solid defence, very hard to break down. 2: Fast counter-attacks, preferably making use of the flanks. 3: Whether I go wide or through the middle I want the transition from defence to attack to be fast. I think I have three particular problems: 1: Hazard, Fabregas, Costa, Matic, Oscar. They are the best players and will be as important on the game as they are in real life. 2: Balancing the 3 playing aims. 3: Team and player instructions. Problem 1: I have read Llama3's guide to player combinations and unless I am misunderstanding it completely (which I wouldn't rule out) I need to balance defensive, support and attacking functions in the midfield. In a 2-man central midfield I need one player with a more defensive function (Matic) and one to be more creative and support attacks (Fabregas). I would lean towards putting Matic on DLP (Defend) and then Fabregas on either Roaming Playmaker (Support) or Box to box midfielder (support). That seems fine to me, but then I have to consider Hazard, Oscar and Costa. If I have Matic (defend) and Fabregas (support) then surely Oscar needs an attack duty? If I do that, can I realistically have both Hazard and Costa on attack duty? If I put Oscar on a support duty as well (possibly Advanced Playmaker support) will I have enough balance in the middle of the team? If I have Oscar on attack and Costa on support, will they not be too close together and get in each others way? Essentially I think the question is, how do I make the best use out of these players together? This gets more complicated when it comes to the wide players. Again, from Llama3's guide, the suggestion seems to be that if you have winger on an attack duty, the fullback on the same side should not, and that the wide combinations should be something like IF (A)/FB (S) W (S)/FB (A). But if I start with the relationship between the wide players, what sacrifices will I have to make in the middle with Matic, Fabregas, Oscar and Costa? Problem Two I think will be solved if One and Three are. Problem Three: Instructions? This is slightly less complicated. Use lots of team instructions, or make more extensive use of player instructions? Overall I look at the tactical stuff and it feels like my head will explode. I know how I want the team to play, and there are certain things that make sense to me, but it seems horrendously complicated when I try to balance 11 players in terms of roles, duty, team and player instructions. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi guys. I am looking for some help setting up my team on my Chelsea save. Normally I use someone else's tactic and tweak it a little but this year I am keen to develop a tactic properly. I have read a lot of threads about creating tactics but I am somewhat confused by a lot of it, despite understanding the basic principles. By inclination I want to play fast-paced, attacking football. Lots of movement and quick recycling of possession. A bit like Utd used to play under Ferguson, or what I understand Dortmund's approach is. (Note I may well be completely misreading Dortmund's tactical approach) Preferred line-up and duties/roles GKP: Courtois DR: Azpilicueta/Ivanovic: FB (Defend) DL: Luis/Azpilicueta: WB (Attack/Support) DC R: Cahill: CB: (Defend) DC L: Terry: CB/BPD (Defend) DM: Matic: Really not sure with this one CM R: Fabregas CM L: Oscar AM R: Willian AM L: Hazard SC: Costa. I have been trying OScar as an Adv Playmaker (attack) and Fabregas as a DLP (Support) but it doesn't seem quite right. Trying to get some of the benefits of an AMC with Oscar but with him starting deeper to be more solid in midfield. Hazard's best role seems to be Winger (attack) but then I can't use Willian as a Winger attack if my fullback is Ivanovic. Logically Hazard should be an Inside Forward (support) and have the left-back as a more attacking option. Concerns: 1: Slow defenders (Terry and Cahill) so combining attacking football with the need to remain solid at the back. 2: Making the best use of Hazard, Fabregas and Oscar as my main creative outlets. 3: Making the best use of the fullbacks (Azpilicueta, Luis, Ivanovic) 4: Pressing vs Standing off. I don't trust the close-down more instructions as they seem to pull my players out of position, but having the setting on "close-down less" seems to have no impact. I have read about the three phases of play, defending, transition and attack and want to have the team set-up so that the transition phase is quick enough to move from defence to attack. Do I need more players on support duties for this? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I have signed him on my Everton and Chelsea saves. He was better in the Everton save but that's because he got more game time. On the Chelsea one I have been rotating him with David Luiz (going to be sold at end of the third season), Terry (going to be released end of third), Mangala and Cahill so he is not playing as much as with Everton. Once Terry, Luiz and probably Cahill have gone he and Mangala will be the first choice with an Argentinian newgen the back-up.
  7. 2013/2014 Premiership: Champions!!!! Not sure how on earth that happened, but I finished on 89 points and won the league with 3 games to spare. FA Cup: 5th Round. Despite dominating the Premier League, Derby stuffed me 3-0. Capital One Cup: Winners. Beat Man Utd 3-2 Top Scorer: Romelu Lukaku: 16 (13 in League) I applied for the Arsenal job but lost out to Roberto Martinez who then poached my Assistant Manager. Season 2014/2015 The board gave me a transfer budget of £25 Million and a Wage Budget of £1.1 Million. Neither Chelsea for Lukaku, nor Barcelona for Deulofeu were prepared to allow another loan deal. Players In Wilfried Bony: Swansea: £17.5 Million Dusan Tadic: FC Twente: £7.5 Million Gareth Barry: Man City: Free Transfer Asmir Begovic: Stoke City: £7.0 Million Gudmund Taksdal Kongshavn: Valerenga: £85 Thousand. Total: £32.08 Million. Players Out Tim Howard: Stoke City: £375 Thousand Antolin Alcaraz: Lanus: £400 Thousand Total: £775 Thousand. Big net spend, but as I lost my best striker and best winger I felt it worth the risk. Shane Duffy has been brought into the first team squad and will play lots of games. First Team Squad Goalkeepers Asmir Begovic Joel Gudmund Taksdal Kongshavn Fullbacks Seamus Coleman (D/WB R) Chris Solly (D/WB R) Leighton Baines (D/WB L) Bryan Oviedo (D L) Centrebacks Phil Jagielka Elder Alvarez Balanta Sylvain Distin Shane Duffy Central Midfielders Gareth Barry Darron Gibson James McCarthy Leon Osman Wingers/Inside Forwards Kevin Mirallas Dusan Tadic Magay Gueye Arouna Kone Attacking Midfielders Ross Barkley Strikers Wilfried Bony Jay Rodriguez. Will see what this season brings.
  8. After 15 League games, I seem to be 4 points clear at the top. Have won the last 12 in a row including wins over Man Utd (Away), Liverpool (Home) and Arsenal (Home). Board offered me a new contract which was accepted.
  9. Not bad so far. Am 5th after 8 games with 5 wins and 3 defeats. Won my last 5 league games in a row, and am in the 5th round of the League Cup. Tim Howard and Leon Osman are out injured though, Howard for a while.
  10. Tottenham: Home: Won 3-0. YES!!!!!!!! Aston Villa: Away: Won 2-1. Baines signed new contract on £75000 per week. Barkley on £41500. Couple of good results so slightly happier.
  11. Bad start to the season. Chelsea: Away: Lost 2-0 Newcastle: Home: Lost 2-1 Peterborough (Capital One Cup): Home: Won 3-0 Man City: Away: Lost 3-1. Transfer window closes and Baines requests to be taken off the transfer list as he wants to stay. Now willing to negotiate new contract.
  12. Pre-Season friendly against Colorado and Leighton Baines scores a 30 yard headed OWN GOAL!!!!
  13. Made my gamble and will see where it leads. Baines has demanded a transfer so have valued him at £30 Million. No takers!!!!! Transfer business. Players in Chris Solly: 22: D R: Charlton: £4.2 Million Alex Schalk: 21: S C: NAC Breda: £600 Thousand Alvarez Balanta: 20: D C: River Plate: £11.5 Million Jay Rodriguez: 24: S C: Southampton: £7.0 Million Total: £23.28 Million. About half is over 48 months I think. Players Out: Steven Naismith: 26: AM C: Cardiff: £3.9 Million Steven Pienaar: 31: AM L: Newcastle: £2.5 Milion Nikica Jelavic: 27: S C: Monaco: £5.75 Million John Heitinga: 29: D C: Southampton: £2.5 Million Total: £14.7 Million. I probably should have gotten more for Jelavic, but I am reasonably happy with the business. Have brought in younger players and shaved £75000 per week off the wage bill. I am retraining Chris Solly as a Complete Wingback Left to play alongside Coleman when Baines leaves. Schalk has immediately gone on loan to Bristol City. With any luck I can sell Baines for at least £25 Million and use the money next season (assuming I don't get sacked!!!!) to strengthen other areas when Barry, Delofeu and Lukaku return to their parent clubs.
  14. I am trying an Everton save for the first time. Am about to sell Jelavic (£5.75 Million), Naismith (£3.9 Million) and Pienaar (£2.5 Million). Will save me more than £100k per week in wages. Will rely heavily on the 3 loan players in the first season and hope to bring in some young prospects. Reasonable gamble, or catastrophe waiting to happen?
  15. Hey. Started a new save on this. Players Out: Michael Essien: Benfica: £5.5 Million John Obi Mikel: P.S.G: £11.4 Million Fernando Torres: Bayern: £10.5 Million. Players In: Robert Lewandowski: Dortmund: £26 Million. I am having a problem getting in a world class DM. Has anyone had any success getting Bayern and Leverkusen to part with Martinez or Bender? I know De Rossi or Tiote are available for a lot less money, but I am looking for someone good enough to play at the top of the Prem and in the Champions League, and someone who is not a short-term purchase (as De Rossi would be). Fernando (Porto), Tiote and Song don't seem to be any better than Essien or Mikel and Busquets will never leave Barcelona. Any ideas?
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