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  1. Can the player portraits be changed to be size 250x250? I've looked through the panel xmls and can't seem to find how to change them myself thanks
  2. You need to extract the graphics folder at Football Manager 2019\data\game\ using the resource archiver, and then delete all the player images. Then create a new graphics.fmf file and replace the old one with it. It's not too difficult, just make a backup of the original graphics.fmf before you try
  3. I'm finding that even changing the team colours in the pre-game editor is not working in game I'm starting a new save fresh, and selecting the relevant edit file at setup... still the standard colours anything else i edit IS working
  4. Hi I'm editing my own skin for personal use from this great skin. I have three issues with the match overview, as shown in the attached photo, if anyone can help? 1. In the new updates' photos - this kit displays as the team logo, but isn't for me. How do I correct this? 2. The names of goalscorers appear in the colour I use for text throughout the skin. which panel controls this? 3. I've done something somewhere that's caused these ugly grey boxes. what graphic (/folder) controls these boxes and their colour? Thanks in advance
  5. and that works in-game? if i do this; the colours will re-appear in the editor, but not in the same...
  6. Ive tried this and it reverts back to default as soon as you reslect the nation of the competition...?
  7. Hi all Similar to in-game; the editor uses a blur effect, which really slows down my system, and is annoying - people are sharing the way to prevent this in-game, does anyone know if it's possible, or how to disable the blurring in the official editor? Also, does anyone know if there's a way to alter the colour palette in the editor, as the colours appear odd when editting kits, for example Thanks
  8. is it possible to have the tab bar the same colour/transparency as the titlebar please?
  9. As with last years version; the competition colours seem to be determined by the national team of that competitions colours. The only suggestion i can make is that you COULD change the national teams colours eg. the England national team, would then alter the Premiership, and championship and lower leagues but then the national teams colours would be wrong...
  10. the only thing i believe ive done is change the player lines (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and striker) to being the same colour - dark grey - rather than seperate colours. i dont think ive done anything to alter the names...
  11. is there a way to make the player names in the formation boxes (highlighted in yellow) more readable? and/or displaying only the surname ie. "Vela" instead of "C. Vela" ? thanks
  12. is there a way to do this for the pre-game editor? it runs very slowly because of this
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