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  1. No certainly not, it needs a number of factors to come together. Just like real life. So perhaps, PA could be given for talent. This is the base layer but can be boosted or reduced by good training performances and mentality. I know the current system of PA means it is a measure of talent that can be achieved if a number of factors come together BUT it does not allow a previous PA to be reviewed in light of these factors throughout a players career. Now I'm off to grieve for the potential loss of Grant Holt...
  2. This is completely correct and I agree 100% with OP. However I would like to add a point. As a Norwich supporter I have seen a remarkable rise in our club. However much of this is due to 'late bloomers' or lower league gems who do not realise their potential unless given a chance. The likes of Marc Tierney, Russell Martin, David Fox, Elliot Bennett, Andrew Crofts, Steve Morison and of course John Ruddy and Sir Grant Holt were just not given a chance in the game three years ago. Now, I'm not saying that SI can predict the future in terms of PA but being so one dimensional in not allowing great improvement after the age of 24 or making those in lower leagues at that age stagnate due to reputation needs improvement. A lot of the time with these players the potential is there but they are not given a chance or played in the correct manner. I think the motivating and player improvement side of the game needs a big change. Even older players can perform well at a high level like Aaron Wilbraham at the end of this season when in FM he would have been released or sold at a reduced fee in the first window. This does not mean I think that all players should have the ability to be world beaters when given a run in the team. It has to be a mixture of excellent man management to instill a work ethic or ambition, or a players personality being determined to get back to the top, good coaches and of course underlying talent. I have no idea how this can be implemented into the game but it is something I believe the game should strive for in the near future. There needs to be more player-manager interaction or even player-coach interaction which can be manipulated(i.e. not just training reports or the current team meeting set up which does not give enough options to be effective.) It would give a massive boost to the realism of the game and balance out the micro-tactical approach with a different perhaps Harry Redknapp approach. Then managers can manage differently according to preference of style and other managers in game can do this too.
  3. galatasaturk

    SERIE A ~ Too easy?

    I have an AC Milan save, whilst I won the league in my first season with only Inter as any real challenge, in my second season Palermo won the league by a counter as I had to settle for second place. The league was much more competitive overall second time around with some sides making some astute signings. Furthermore there are some good sides in Serie B to come up like Sampdoria and Torino which improve the quality of the league.
  4. Just a small point here, it might even have been mentioned already. Currently when in the first team you can make a player available for the reserve team. Why not have the same option to make first team players available for the U18s? For those players who really enjoy the game through bringing young players through this could aid this task. Players in the U18s would be more closely monitored and can be possibly made available for the reserves as well. In real life good young players will play with the first team but will still play U18 games. Perhaps this exposure to 'first team' training can be made more of a big deal, particularly when there are some real superstars or experienced players in the first term. A more diluted version of the effects of tutoring perhaps?
  5. has anyone heard of a good Japanese update for this year or last year then??
  6. galatasaturk

    FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    I have got to about October season 1 using the new patch so still early days. I have signed Saul from Ath. Madrid, Serrano from sporting and Moises from Villareal(although he is not joining until the end of the season for some reason) but these are all 16 and hardly first team material yet. Things are going well. Highlight was a 4-0 win over PSV in the Europa League Group Stages. For next season i want 1) Azpilicueta 2)Ruffier and ideally Griezmann too but I doubt Sociedad will sell
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, will have to wait until finances pick up. Literally no transfer budget even with shipping a few players out, and just got a news item saying we just started to pay back a loan, backs against the wall for this season I think!
  8. Hey, just started a norwich save on the new patch. The lack of money really does make it difficult to improve the squad but there is strength in depth in most areas. Really lacking a strong defensive midfielder though. Any free agent suggestions much appreciated!! Trying to get rid of Lappin, Barnett, Wilbraham and Adam Drury(I hate to do this to a club legend but needs must!) but as yet, no offers. I have brought in Gilberto(not the arsenal one but the one who played for Spurs a few seasons ago) on a free to cover central midfield and the left hand side and I have lined up Guti to come in too, although his personality might not fit with the squad he should give a bit of creativity off the bench. I really want to continue to recruit young British players who can't get in top teams or are from the lower leagues in the Norwich way if possible. However, this may be difficult to achieve in FM. Any one else started a game on the new patch??
  9. galatasaturk

    FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    Thank you very much! Valencia sounds like a great option. Now what's happening with that stadium...
  10. galatasaturk

    FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    Any help much appreciated Nation: A main European league but not Germany Division: Top division European Competition: Prefer to be in at least Europa League Media Prediction: Top Half-Europa League qual Board Expectation(s): top half Transfer Budget: A few million at least, £5M minimum really Wage Budget: Some space but don't mind Finances: At least Okay Other: Looking for a team with a rich domestic and european heritage maybe 20+ years ago but fallen from the limelight. I want to bring the glory days back. Many Thanks
  11. Hey, I have started a career with Galatasaray and I wondered if anyone has any advice. Clearly only being allowed 10 non-turkish players and only 6 non-turks in the team make this a real challenge. I have completed one season and I have won the turkish league (very narrowly) and the Europa League but I was knocked out in the semi-final of the domestic cup. The club have quite a lot of debt but a new stadium in January 2011 is a bonus. I normally play a 4-2-3-1 (Enyeama, Sabri, Toprak, Kesimal, Balta, Gago, Cana, Kasim, Misimovic, Turan, Baros) but in the cups and against weakened teams I have found that 4-1-2-1-2 is a better formation as it allows both Stancu and Baros to be in the same team. This team has a great history and fanatical support. Many new signings comment that they want to join the club to bring success to such a popular club. Football is on an up in Turkey with Bursaspor, Besiktas and Trabzonspor building new stadia whilst Fenerbahce have a great stadium. However, the clubs in this league invariably have considerable debt as they try and gain the advantage in the fiery Istanbul melting pot of football rivalries to reach one of the two European Champions League places on offer. Even though some of the sides in the league are very poor, there is more to this league than Kenny Miller! My signings have been: 1st Season: Enyeama(excellent cheap goalie at only £375K) Luis Guilherme(brilliant prospect and good backup to Enyeama-£2.6M) Okay Yokulsu(Good turkish youngster), Edu (yes the arsenal one) Sercan Sararer and Cenk Guvenc (turkish loans for extra cover) Gago(only £2.4M for real defensive steel) Novikovas 2nd Season: Rudenok(excellent prospect for only £190K) Sinan Bolat(best turkish keeper to buy at only £1.8M) Serdar Kesimal Hamit Altintop(free transfer from bayern and a first team fixture) Emre Can Cuneyt Koz Omer Toprak (turkish second nationality and my best defender, cost only £7M) Dieumerci Mbokani(good 2 year loan cover for striking position) Ensar Baykan Those that have gone are: 1st Season: Ozbek, Kesim, Zapata, Ercetin, Akkas, Edu, Culio. 2nd Season: Kewell, Neill, Osmanoglu, Ceylan, Sarp, Batdal, Ergan (and various loans)