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  1. Limited tests but using this tactic on my Arsenal team, 3rd season: https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/wide-433-from-byh.155/ Haland has 16 (!) in 6 games, while Lacazette has 6 in 3. Haland had one 5-goal game, one 4-goal game, and two hattricks.
  2. I had this happen with Nelson from Arsenal this season - I waited until the end of the season (1 year left in contract); after a few weeks, he was open to signing a contract. It's very strange, but it may be worth waiting for some time.
  3. I've also found (in both FM 19 and FM 20) that my DoF consistently lowballs basically everything. The Scout report's wages are far more accurate, which makes me wonder why my DoF never comes close to following it.
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