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  1. Nope, both adv.pl and dlp have longshots rarely as default. The problem with the current interface is that it is difficult to figure out what is default settings and what unavailable for a spesific role, e.g. dribble more is default for winger and dribble less is unavailable for that same role. Easiest way to figure out what's default and what's not available is either to watch what the player does on the pitch, or try to remember what the default settings were in earlier versions of FM... Hopefully SI will change this in future updates.
  2. Check if your players are available for U21 matches. I find that when my younger players come back from loan I must manually set them to available for 90 minutes. If not, they just rot in your reserves. The U21 manager doesn't seem to do this for you in FM14...
  3. Just give yourself a new nickname. Easiest way to to that is to find your name under club -> staff, left click and Edit Nickname.
  4. If memory serves me right it is not the workload of the players but the coaches, i.e. if it reaches medium or heavy you need to assign more coaches to that category.
  5. My club Concord Rangers have just turned professional and all of a sudden I am unable to change my part-time players squad status. E.g. my star striker has just turned 23 and has a few years left on his part-time contract. I can´t afford his wage demands for a new professional contract. The player in question has good mental stats and personality, and I want to change his squad status from rotation to key player so he can tutor my younger strikers. But all options on the squad status tab bar no longer needed by club is greyed out. This seems to be the issue for all my part-time players. Players on full time contracts have all options available for selection. I´ve taken another team from BSS to Premier league in FM13, but can´t remember that this has been an issue before.Is it supposed to be like this? :confused:
  6. [video=youtube_share;eFMqels0hpM] Dribbling and passing have improved in 13.2.3 i'd say, it looks more realistic now. On the other hand my defenders seem to struggle with clearances both from open and set play. Goalkeepers are still a mess, especially when it comes to simple saves. I know my goalkeeper's name is Kuhnt, but come on...
  7. something mess up my post:( now I have to do my season review all over again...
  8. Well, our opening win against Liverpool has been our only win so far... 10 games in and we're staring relegation in the face
  9. Opening game of our Premier League debut, expected a severe beating but... 3-0, 4 ccc's, 3 in the woodwork! Fantastic start!
  10. St. Neots Town F.C. – npower Championship- 2018/19 npower Championship League Table - Amazing season! Champions, and we have reached the promised land of Premier League! A terrific response to the disappointing way last season ended. We went on a 13 games unbeaten run from the start of the season, before we lost to runners up Fulham away. 31 wins, 7 defeats and 8 draws. We scored 124 goals and conceded 53, which gave us a hefty goal difference of +71. We ended with 101 points, 6 ahead of closest rivals Fulham. League graph – We stayed on top from game 6 and onward. Biggest win - Our biggest ever win came in the away game against Wigan in late September. It was a lot tighter game than the final score would suggest, but it was a very satisfying 8-0 win that led us to believe that we could win something this year. Biggest defeat - Our biggest defeat came in the away game against Cardiff in late December. This was also a really tight match, 6 to 5 in ccc's, but we didn't score and they did. We lost 4-1. Cup run Capital One Cup - A fantastic run, we reached the final, beating Stoke and Newcastle Utd along the way, both Premier League teams. We met Man City, or should I say Sergio Agüero, in the final. We didn't stand a chance, but defended bravely. Final score 1-0. FA Cup – We lost 2-1 to Tottenham in the 5th rnd, having beaten Premier League side Norwich in the 4th. Pleased with the effort, and it was pleasing to see that we didn't look lost against better opposition. St. Neots Town F.C. Squad – Mostly the same as last year, we weren't that active in the transfer market, and only one of our new signings really played. Transfers – Three in, three out. A few of our reserve team players went on loans to lower league teams this season. Our stand out player in previous seasons, Cian Bolger, left the club after being deemed surplus to requirements. Finances Summary - We have a solid economy. Most of the money earned has gone to improvements of our facilities as previous years. While our ground has been under expansion, we have played all of our games at Stadium: mk. Our average attendance this season has been 13477, and our own ground has a capacity of just 8748. That's a deficit of almost 5000 seats, and it doesn't look like our board is willing to improve the stadium at this point. The board interaction for expanding or building a new stadium is grayed out, and will be for 6 more months, so there is not much I can do about the situation. It is a worry though, and we have to keep to our ultra tight wage regime for another season at least. Wages - We are still below our wage budget. The team in this years Premier League that spent the least on wages was Bristol Rovers. Their salary per annum was 12.5M, we've spent 1.17M this year. It will be tough to attract players with such low wages, and many of our players contracts are up for renewal soon. It's all a bit worrying. Boardroom - A brief overview of board confidence, scouting range, staff, budget adjustments and the board request status. The board agreed to allow us to have no restrictions on scouting in February, hopefully making it easier for us to sign good players before the big guns launches bids. Key Player Profiles: A lot of our players had really good seasons, and more could have been mentioned, but these ones stood out for various reasons: Dennis Jacob |–DC–| - Amazing at the back, made crucial interceptions every game. Avr. 7.66 Christofer Bomheuer |-DC-| - Really solid CB, winning most headers. Avr. 7.61 Miles John |-MC-| - Good stats, but struggling a bit for rating as the rest of my MC's. Avr. 7.11 Jelle Zandvoort |MR-| - 12 goals and 14 assists in 44 games. Avr. 7.34 Corentin Michel |-MR-| - 8 goals and 18 assists in 42 games. Avr. 7.22 Joshua Turner |–ST–| - Top goalscorer with 26 goals and 6 assists in 35 games. Avr. 7.39 Michael Drennan |–ST-| - Another good season. 25 goals and 20 assists in 50 games. Avr. 7.39 Neville Evans |-ST-| - New signing with good potential. 18 goals and 17 assists in 33 games. Avr. 7.58 Manager Profile: gman - Improved squad disipline and reputation. Current reputation: Continental Next season Try to establish us in the Premier League and stay clear of relegation. Sign new players in key areas. Career overview: Season Position Division Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 1st Blue Square N League Winners 2014/15 1st Blue Square P League Winners, FA Trophy Winners 2015/16 1st npower League 2 League Winners 2016/17 2nd npower League 1 Promoted 2017/18 3rd npower Championship Playoff Finalists 2018/19 1st npower Championship League Winners, Capital One Cup Finalists
  11. St. Neots Town F.C. – npower Championship- 2017/18 npower Championship League Table – Gutted! We played ever so well, and occupied 2nd place most of the season, but we hit a rough patch towards the end and lost automatic promotion on the last ordinary game of the season... From January and onwards we only won 7 games, drew 8 and lost 4. Four defeats is not bad, but a heavy 4-1 loss against Leeds Utd away on the final day, ment that we had to try to qualify through playoffs. The first opponent was Sunderland. A 1-1 draw away, and a 3-0 win at home sent us to the final, only 90 minutes away from the promised land of Premier League football. We lost 1-0 in an even game Overall not disappointed with the season as a whole, but the way we lost out was a sucker punch... League graph – As the graph shows we were in for an automatic promotion place until the very last day... Cup run Capital One Cup - All games were high scoring games, a 4-2 win against Shrewsbury in th 1st rnd, a 5-3 win against Watford in the 2nd, a 2-2 draw against Wigan in the 3rd which we eventually won on pens, and a 3-3 draw against Premier League side Aston Villa away, playing with 10 men for 83 minutes. We lost on penalties in the end. A decent run. FA Cup – Credible efforts against good opponents. After beating Gateshead 4-0 in the 3rd rnd, we drew Premier League side Swansea in the 4th. A 2-2 away and a very pleasing 3-1 win in the re-match at our place. Tottenham were next in the 5th rnd. We lost narrowly 2-1 after a good performance by our lads. Unfortunately, that's when our fortunes in the league began to falter... St. Neots Town F.C. Squad – A few more players in this season compared to previous years. All but one foreigners. We were able to sign someone of better quality this time, especially a couple of solid German DC's whom I recon will be at the club for some time. The most promising one is Christofer Bomheuer who is regarded by my scouts and coaching staff to have the potential to become a leading Premier League central defender in the future. A lot of players left before and during the season, but the core were still here last year. Transfers 1 Transfers 2 – Ten players in, some ready for the first team, others back ups and hot prospects. 6 players from the senior squad were either released or sold, and almost all of the u18 squad were sacrificed because their lack of quality and potential. Finances Summary - 10M in the bank! A chunk of it is going into our strategy to improve our facilities, both our youth and training facilities are up for improvement to an estimated cost of 4.7M. The board has announced plans to enlarge the stadium by 2748 seats which takes the overall capacity to 8748 when completed. Should be around 3.7 left for daily operations. Wages - Running a tight ship, spending 956k on wages this season, bottom of the wage table. The team that spent the second least payed 3.91M. A few players are sulking over improved contracts, but I just tell them that they still have time left on the old one and they seem okay with the answer. Key Player Profiles: Christofer Bomheuer |–DC–| - Terrific at the back. Avr. 7.33 Joshua Turner |–ST–| - Another good season, which ended abruptly with a 4 months injury. 29 goals and 19 assists. Avr. 7.63 Michael Drennan |–ST-| - Top goalscorer 33 goals and 5 assists in 57 games. Avr. 7.25 Jelle Zandvoort |-WI-| - Top provider, 23 assists in 50 games. Avr. 7.26 Manager Profile: gman - Slight improvement on tactical consistency and hands on approach. Decreased media handling (don't know why), and player loyalty which I think is because I don't hand out new contracts every time a player feels entitled. Current reputation: National Career overview: Season Position Division Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 1st Blue Square N League Winners 2014/15 1st Blue Square P League Winners, FA Trophy Winners 2015/16 1st npower League 2 League Winners 2016/17 2nd npower League 1 Promoted 2017/18 3rd npower Championship Playoff Finalist ​
  12. Congratulations Hypanim! Great job completing the challenge!
  13. Out of Capital One Cup after a fantastic performance against Premier League side Aston Villa with a player sent off after just 7 minutes. It went all the way to penalties, and we could have nicked it a couple of times in ordinary time. Oh well, I have a few tired players and our next game is in three days time:( Going well in the Championship so far, as far as our strikes score we have a fighting chance of success this year as well. Roll on next match...