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  1. Yann Diedrich refuses to issue a response..... couldn't u have just stopped at the word hero
  2. 1. Ibrahimovic 2. Sol geni 3. Brosius Still cant believe a MOM perfromance against Napoli wasn't good enough to get Diedrich more games!
  3. 1 Game only.... 8.30 Rating for that game..... surely Yann Diedrich deserves more game time!!!
  4. 7th best avg rating in the league! Great stuff Harkness! Interesting to see another Harkness in the Lincs u21 squad :-)
  5. The strikers between them have 7 goals in 46 games.... thanks to Antoine! Yann Diedrich is second on the list with an 'amazing' tally of 1 :-P . Us strikers need to unite and put some in the back of the net!!! Goals=Glory :-D Lets strike fear into the opposition keepers! Did that speech work?!?!.... the next update will reveal all!
  6. So if we said stefano luigi as our guess for category 1... even though he cant win it... do we still win the prize if we guess category 2 right?? cause luigi woulda won it, had he been eligible :-)
  7. Category 1: Stefano Luigi Category 2: Luc Salva (know he's been rubbish lately.... but sometimes u gotta back ur man )
  8. Jeez Diedrich...... GET SOME GAME TIME ALREADY!!!!!
  9. A MOM performance from Harkness!!! Even has a contender for goal of the season.... defenders never win with towering headers though .... but there is still time to pop in a screamer from outside the 18!!! haha. Stothard looks like the winner for goal of the season so far though!
  10. I have one idea, just abot a reward for an award.... lets call it 'rivalry' It works like this in my head, end of each season you choose a GK, def, Mid and striker from each position to win the award based on a particular stat so for example: GK- most clean sheets Def- tackles per game Mid- Number of Assists Att- Minutes per goal These can change each year to include a diff stat of your choice that is either poition based or just random like even goals scored by a defender for example.... Anyway, i've got off topic slightly, but every player who wins from each positionally category gets to 'steal' like 2 or 3 attribute points off a rival gk,def,mid,st. So if DEF A has tackling 17 wins the award for tackles per game at the end of the season, he can 'steal' 2 tackling points off DEF B thereby improving his tackling to 19 and dropping DEF B's tackling by 2 thereby improving his potential national team opportunities. If it makes sense to you? i think its a cool idea dunnno what u think?
  11. Luc Salva needs to start performing.... also wanna get points for a transfer!!!!
  12. so then... 1. muller 2. le roy or brosius 3. sheltzer ?????
  13. Al's form was beastly! What banned substance was he using?!?!?! And more importantly... where can Yann Diedrich get some? ;-)
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