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  1. I use WinRar and I dont have any problem!Try with WinRar!
  2. Clean your inbox!I cant send you massage!
  3. Where is IN GAME editor button in your skin?
  4. In Drop-down menu, you can change a few items you wish to track.
  5. FM Dark - Tweak and Instant button FM Dark skin with some tweak and instant button!!! Special Thanks - OPZ and ArtDekDok I hope you like it!!!! DOWNLOAD: http://www.filedropper.com/fmdark-instant-tweak
  6. I hope they will fix Instant button with new update. Here is link for FM Dark Skin with instant button: http://www.filedropper.com/fmdark-widgets-instant
  7. FM 2014 Dark skin with Instant button!! http://www.filedropper.com/fmdark-widgets-instant
  8. I made official FM Dark with Instant result,but problem is you cant play with Instant result because your assistant dont make subs. In last update assistant make subs only if you have injured players!
  9. Instant button still dont work! I try 5 games and only on first game assistant make two subs.
  10. Somebody from SI,tell us do we need second key for full game or not? Because somebody receive second key somebody not?!
  11. My assistant no makes subs when using instant result, even when players get injured or sent off. This is with instant result. Update 14.1.1 and still not fix!
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