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  1. Yes i think its completely dumb that they actually tell me they don't see a point in adapting their game. I'm the manager and i should be given the option to force the player to learn the move or he can end up training with the U18 lads until his contract expires.
  2. This is reality, were u really expecting to challenge for the title with West Ham and have second rated strikers scoring for fun? Build your team and make changes to tactics.
  3. I understand that we will now see the fixtures for international competition such as the world cup automatically now?
  4. Do you hold a grudge??

    Recall him before he learnt any Neville's dirty tricks and lousy personality
  5. Dude, they are superior, because they are really superior in real life.
  6. Theres is no need to start a new game everytime a new patch comes out, unless its a data update. Whats the point of playing if you start a new game for patch 10.2, den after awhile start yet another one in 10.3? It doesn't make any sense.
  7. Fix the damn news and competition subscription or simply get rid of it and also the regen attributes problem
  8. They HAVE to fix this, what do you mean by any chance anyway.
  9. It baffles me how a group of the fans of the game can discover such a critical bug in the game in a few months but SI and its team of testers failed to notice that after a year of testing.
  10. How about the world cup subscriptions, world cup qualifiers subscriptions? Most people can't seem to get them to work. Can we have an option to subscribe to all competitions?
  11. No, you don't usually have to start a new game unless its a data update and u want to play the game with the most updated transfers etc.
  12. Maybe they simply have no idea how they can fix the errors in the ME, so they just add new features as a feeble attempts to take our attention from the ever present bugs. Now look how they screwed up the news subscription. Noone even asked for that, in fact i don't think i would even like it even if it is working properly. We are not going to fall for that year after year, SI. We have been playing the game for many years already but even loyalty has its limit
  13. The AI probably switched to overload and take more risk tactics, and conceeded all the goals due to ur counter attacking play.
  14. Start focusing on fixing the most important things like the match engine, bizarre results, fans confidence issues that are present for many version already. And stop adding things we didnt exactly ask for, for example the news subscription. In the end we have even more problems.
  15. the fans in my game are disappointed with every single player i sell.