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  1. I made a thread yesterday about a game I played. 46 shots. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/416073-Ever-get-the-feeling-you-just-were-not-meant-to-win
  2. Here is the analysis tab for the match http://gyazo.com/8f1d1c5752482c446983dad5ca5df2a4 looking at it now, yes most of these shots where long shots however... http://gyazo.com/5e76be01107b260935c882d0554fc25a these where the shots that where saved. my oppositions keeper looks like he had a good game. Just want to add that I never thought for a second that this was a bug, just saw the stats and thought it would be interesting to share.
  3. I don't think I've ever had a match where I've had this many shots and got absolutely nothing from it http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa271/davidkazama/how.jpg any other similar experiences?
  4. Have you tried sending them to a feeder club? I usually get this problem but just send them to a feeder that is around about the level they should be playing it and 9 time out of 10 they go, have a good season and everyones happy.
  5. I can see why people would deem it unrealistic. He is massively loved by West Ham and I'm pretty sure he loves West Ham too. Taking control of their major rivals would be like kicking every West Ham fan in the face... Then again, Rafa went to Chelsea...
  6. On FM12 I got Hull City promoted, got them to win the premiership, win the champs league and wasn't even listed as favored personnel...
  7. To be honest I'd settle for favoured. I'd like to think that after 10 years the fans would tut and say "oh that's a shame" if I left
  8. I am Hull's most successful manager though. In real life they've never finished above 17th in the premiership so considering that I should be at least favoured.
  9. Hi guys, just looking for a bit of quick advice. In my current save I've gotten Hull City promoted, lead them to victory in back to back League cups, won Europa and gotten them into the champions league twice, even progressing past the group stages. They are now a force to be reckoned with in the premiership and have produced some of the best regens that go on to regularly feature in the England first team so my question is this... What the hell does a man have to do to become at least favored personel with a club? After all I've done I would have thought the fans would at least have me down as favored but no joy it seams.
  10. Yeah I do prefer "The Circle" but I just edit the DB for the tiny bit of extra realism. Plus I like the process of buying the stadium from the owners and then trying to move away from it.
  11. That's because in Hull the street the stadium is on is called "the circle"...however the stadium name should be "KC Stadium"...I just end up changing it in the database. (Obvious Hull fan) Also does anyone remember the old LMA manager games? they used to make up sponsors and you could pick a contract...maybe SI could make up a database of about 200+ sponsors and do what OP said?
  12. Personally, I would let him go out on loan for a season as long as there was no view to buy clause. I would use the £7.5M to get a few promising regens and try develop them over the year. I mean you're getting a nice chunk of money and not paying his wages for a year and as long as you put him back into your first team as soon as he comes back it's pretty much a win-win
  13. I'm tempted to blame the off season holidays. but you shouldn't completely forget it, especially if you've been playing it all season. I rarely stick with one formation for multiple seasons though, I like to be unpredicatble
  14. Chelsea, man City, Man utd then Arsenal. managed to get a 0-0 at Chelsea and beat man utd 1-0 after an own goal...not bad for Hull City
  15. On an old save (now sadly corrupt) I had a English regen called John Lennon
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