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  1. Yeah I wish this was included too, nice bonus for you when playing in the lower leagues.
  2. Nice work here, Warrington getting into sublime form recently. WE can certainly get promoted, hope we win the humber cup as well.
  3. Going well, Warrington seems to have done much better since he was given the vice captaincy:lol:!
  4. I would lean towards restarting. Don't mind either way though.
  5. Mid table again, further up than last season though which is good.
  6. Good start for us there, although I did not play very well. Like the style of the updates as well.
  7. First Name: Chris Surname: Warrington Date Of Birth: 12/08/92 Place of birth: Grimsby Second Nationality: 1st Choice Position: DL/C 2nd Choice Position: (incase you don't get 1st choice) Height: 190 Weight: 75 Fav Club (1): Grimsby Preferred Foot (or both): Either Attributes (1 for each): NOTE: If you choose not to fill the last slot, the 14 rating will become 17. The stats are not going to be world beating so think carefully about the trading off of the extra stat at 10 for the 17! Technical Attributes 14: Tackling 12: Passing 11: Crossing 10: Heading Mental Attributes 14: Positioning 12: Decisions 11: Influence 10: Determination Physical Attributes 14: Pace 12: Stamina 11: Strength 10:
  8. Not a very good start for either of my clubs. Hope that turns around next season.
  9. Looking good so far, hope my clubs have done well this season.
  10. Thanks Dave, good work and I'm looking forward to when it starts. Could I have the £3m in the bank for the Bermuda club please.
  11. Austria NAme: Vienna Strudel Yodelers Stadium: The Oven Arena Home Kit: Red with white PSG stripe Away Kit: White and brown stripes San Marino Name: Monaco Gamblers Stadium: The Casino Home Kit: Pink Shirt Away Kit: Black shirt with pink stripe
  12. At least I've started to make appearances this season.
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