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  1. Wasn't a pretty display for us today but enough to seal the job without needing to rely on others doing the work for us. Interesting summer ahead with our squad.
  2. Congrats to Reading on promotion. Another solid point for us tonight against West Ham, a great time to go on a 6 match unbeaten run. Just need to finish the job on Saturday now.
  3. 2 games, 3 days, 6 points, 1 massive step towards Championship status. Get in!
  4. Hehe. When you've been through the highs and lows of the last 140-something games home and away, I'm going to enjoy any wins! Always do take the panoramic photos from the away end though so I'm sure that's worth a follow... :-p
  5. First Team: 36/36 league, 2/2 cup (not missed a competitive league or cup first team game for all of this and previous two seasons), 7/9 pre-season friendlies. Reserves: not in league so games are behind closed doors/at the training ground, 2/2 Gloucestershire Senior Challenge Cup games (I think that's all there has been!) U18s: 0 league, 0 cup, 1 friendly
  6. Haha thanks. It used to be decent but it's really slid downhill fast. Don't think we've had anything yet from the academy games at the weekend which is poor.Kinda sad when you start to feel certain people taking a dislike towards you for outperforming them in what is their work...
  7. The Swindon site has this report - http://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10341~2618670,00.html - which could possibly be the most we'll get from the game. The BCFC reports have been a little sparing in detail recently.
  8. Most of our reserve games are "behind closed doors" as we aren't in a league. The league we were in was a joke playing against the likes of Salisbury City U18's or some team equally unimpressive so we now just play ad hoc matches at our training ground. The club website's match reports aren't too impressive in detail either normally.
  9. It's not the norm at the Gate but something we have done with Cardiff (and likewise we have our stewards in the away end at CCS). Guess it's done on the hope of reducing the possibility of confrontations between supporters and stewards.
  10. Nice to know I wasn't see through the away end blinkers. Frustrating not to have picked up something from the game.
  11. Reports tonight that Nicky Maynard has turned down the chance of the move to Wigan...
  12. In theory. But he made it known he did not wish to join Leicester so accepting or rejecting any offer was immaterial.
  13. Shocking game tonight at Ashton Gate - we were ok for 10 minutes but after that struggled to put passes together. Millwall could have scored at least a couple, but great to nick the three points probably undeservedly.
  14. Great performance from City tonight at St Mary's. Totally deserved the win.
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