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  1. All academic now. Lost my job. Played really well to beat Chelsea 2-1 and then got thumped 4-0 by Blackburn. Think I need to do finally admit I dont know how to play FM nowadays. My last real success was back on about FM08. Gonna read some articles and start something new off. So playing structured makes you more attack minded?
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys. Makes total sense, last night played the Man U game and lost 2-0, then drew 0-0 with Liverpool but got stuffed 3-0 by Spurs. I even switched Rondon to an AF(a) as I thought the same thing but he was just as useless. In all fairness even as a CF(s) he has got chances but I think his confidence is shot and we may aswell not bother having him on the pitch. Can someone explain about the AP role I still thought they liked to get forward. Is it best instead to play a CM(a) instead? I somehow still have my job and I just want to get through the Chelsea game and get to the transfer window to get a striker in and hopefully be able to try and get a big confidence boosting win against Blackburn in the cup.
  3. Like everything you have said there to be honest makes total sense. Made a few tweaks. Yacob was back from injury so played him as an Anchorman and replaced Morrison with Fletcher as a CM(s). We played awful and got beat 3-1 by Sunderland but we should have scored at 2-1 down with 3 minutes to go but Macheda looked as convincing as Emile Heskey. Did push Chadli and Phillips into the AM strata and we looked better then but the game was gone then. Now if you look at my fixtures after that you will see we have Man U away next who are top by the way. So going to changed to defensive from counter and see if I can keep them out as after that we have 3 more of the big boys to play. I really dont think ill see the New Year as manager. I just dont understand where it has all gone wrong. This tactic I posted we have only used since the Stoke game but my old tactic seemed good enough for what I was trying to do with a really poor squad due to injuries and a lack of recruitment. Going to have to see what happens now. Any advice for playing the big boys will be much appreciated.
  4. Right did the beta with Arsenal and really loved everything about the new game, got the results and tactics were great. When the full game came out I started my usual West Brom save and what started out ok safely in mid table we have no dropped down to 17th, luckily we are 8 points clear of the relegation places currently but the board have spoke to me after 2 games now to question their confidence in me. Please dont judge me on the Macheda and Ronaldinho signings I was just desperate as Berahino broke his leg after the window shut and Rondon picked up a knock for a few weeks and was unavailable to me and I just needed something. Look at my fixtures and its ridiculous how downhill we have gone. After the Leicester game I was happy with 4 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses and like I say sitting safely in mid table then all of a sudden that Stoke game was out of no where we even took the lead. I have now changed tactics since that game but nothing is making a massive change and all of a sudden Rondon is looking like a League 2 striker. Any advice
  5. Sounds stupid but I always feel my game is tainted by editing unless its an error in the game somewhere. I havent got a problem with Saido leaving on a free as IRL it seems thats what he will do but there have been no proper reports or statements by Saido saying he is 100% leaving on a free. All I want to know is can I change his mind or is it hard coded he will leave on a free
  6. Right starting my first proper game as my beloved Baggies and notice that Saido has the leaving on a free transfer note but there are a couple of clubs interested in him. I wanna keep Saido as IRL had he been used properly he would be a star for us. I tried to talk to him about a new deal but he won't talk. My question is it hard coded that he will always leave on a free? Because if so I may as well flog him and get some money or could I eventually woo him to stop. My thoughts are IRL if we replaced Pulis and someone came in they might like Saido and make him some promises which is what I want to do.
  7. I thought that to so found the proper spec off dell's website. Here's the link to that. http://m.dell.com/mt/www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-7566-laptop/pd?oc=cn56601&model_id=inspiron-15-7566-laptop Even though it's an i5 compared to all the others I was looking at with i7s according to game debate this trumps any of the i7s I looked at. It's so confusing out there when looking for good specs. I used to know a fair bit back in my teens but now I ain't got a clue!!
  8. Thanks welshace. I should have mentioned I was looking at very as I get 12 months interest free and have a 10% cashback deal on a lot of their laptops. I settled for this one in the end as the website game debate I mentioned in my original post had this one performing really really well. Hope I ain't bought a dud!! http://www.very.co.uk/dell-inspiron-15-7000-gaming-series-intelreg-coretrade-i5-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd-nvidia-gtx960m-4gb-dedicated-graphics-156in-full-hd-pc-gaming-laptop-black/1600128543.prd
  9. http://www.very.co.uk/dell-inspiron-17--5000-intelreg-coretrade-i7-processor-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-173-inch-full-hd-laptop-with-4gb-radeon-r5-m335-graphics-and-optional-microsoft-office-365-home-silver/1600100392.prd After a laptop to play pretty much just FM17 on. As I'm fed up of having to stay sat at the desk now on my imac which runs FM16 fine. I don't want to spend loads and would like as big of a screen as possible. I ran the specs off this laptop on a website that I found on Google and everything was over 100% but I don't know how reliable these websites are. I just wanna run the main European leagues and maybe Brazil and Argentina. There's also 10% cashback on this so seems a good deal but wanted to get a second opinion. http://www.very.co.uk/msi-gl62-6qc-intelreg-coretrade-i5nbspprocessor-12gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-156-inch-gaming-pc-laptop-with-nvidia-2gb-940m-graphics-black/1600065704.prd Just found this one to even though it's only an i5 it according to the website I used earlier to check specs for running fm17 this one performed better. So out of the two which would you go for? Is the msi one worth the extra dollar?
  10. Have been away from FM16 for a good while now. Got the bug back and forgot about this great save I had going. Basically were dominating the league and in the QF of the Champions League but I'm still not 100% happy. The tactic now works great apart from the following. We create tons and tons of chances not many clear cut ones but still enough good chances but as you can see from my player stats only 3 players are in double figures for goals but we do spread the goals out well, we are joint top scorers in the league but unlike City who have Aguero into the 20s for league goals and Liverpool who have Balotelli pushing the 20 goals we are nowhere near that. How can I get my strikers firing more, is it a training thing or a tactic thing? If I had a striker knocking in 20 in the league we would be an absolute dominant force and would just give me that bit more confidence
  11. Thanks for the advice. I had more direct passing on because I was under the impression that with the new tactic system it didn't mean 'more direct' in the literal sense but just being a bit less shorter passing than control setup would normally be if that makes sense. What I have done though just is take off the more direct to and put roam from positions and be more expressive (something I don't think I have ever had the guts to use as I have this horrible feeling of just complete out of control players) Have played two games and Martial has scored 4 in a way I actually like. In these two games he has took excellent chances as scored one on ones something I never see. Would this be down to the expressive instruction?
  12. Right. Im in my second season with United. Somehow I kept my job after a rubbish first season but we started the second season well but just scruffy 1-0 wins. My biggest problem last season and this season is strikers not taking chances. I have no problems creating them far from it but I have lost count the amount of one on ones or just really weak attempts very good strikers are getting. I have uploaded a pic of my tactic. This is my base tactic and I tweak here and there to suit but nothing I seem to do tweak gets Martial, Lukaku, Barbosa or Aboubakar able to score. Please help me!! http://imgur.com/GWq7TAv
  13. 2nd season I now have 14 league games left. Arsenal only have 12 and we are 4 points behind them and we have to play each other twice before the end of the season. Just got knocked out the League Cup in the semi finals against Liverpool 3-1 on aggreate, we won the first game at Old Trafford 1-0 and then the return leg it was 0-0 until the 3rd minute of 4 injury time mins when Vidic gave away a penalty which they converted and scored 2 more goals in ET. Have won the Club World Championship this season though, so I only have the League and League Cup which I have yet to win at United. League looks very possible this year. Biggest problem is I still dont have a prolific striker. We are the top scorers in the league but its down to Valencia, Bernard, Januzaj, Barkley, Powell, Welbeck all getting or nearing double figures. Lewandowski has gone aswell as RvP. Barbosa, Welbeck and Mandzukic (fancied a different option) are now my 3 strikers fighting it out for the one up top position. But still no one will stick the ball in the back of the net on a consistent level. Getting very frustrating!!
  14. Will finally do my update. Here is the end of our first season fixtures. Highlights for sure was the 4-1 thumping of Madrid! Then onto season 2. Here are our transfer dealings. Rooney finally gone. Managed to get Bernard. Wanted Pogba but Juve wanted £245 mil and wanted Rodriguez but Monaco wanted £110mil. So ended up with Cesc and Barkley who have been great. Start of season 2 fixtures and all is well so far apart from the thumping we got in the Community Shield Our tactic and line up. Playing great football and so strong defensively So far in season 2 it is going really well. Only thing is in the league we have only played Spurs who are a top team and Everton. Crap result against Stoke when we had 10 men as well! But things look great. Us and Arsenal on 28 points after 10 games. Then all the other are 6 points + behind.
  15. How much is he usually available for? Im just starting the second season.
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