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  1. I think it means you can no longer afford the transfer like if you had a budget of 300k and you bought to players at the same time both 200k you wouldnt be able to buy them both so one would have to be cancelled?? im not 100% sure though sorry
  2. Video series

    http://www.youtube.com/user/JoshWilson2k10?feature=watch If anyone is interested i have a playlist of 6 videos now that you can watch...
  3. Video series

    Thanks man ive signed up to fmhvibe... how many videos would you suggest uploading per season atm im making one per season and thats the end of season review. Nevertheless here is part 2 if anyone is interested: [video=youtube;yj0B0uUImr4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj0B0uUImr4
  4. Video series

    Thanks for the advice and yeah will definetley try and pick up the pace.. thanks alot mate
  5. Holy ****... what a player where did you find him?!?!
  6. Ive started a youtube series where i am going to try and get to the premier league from the very bottom of the english pyramid available, i am playing on an ipod touch and i hope every new vid will be out every two days.. [video=youtube;kX14kX5XDDE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX14kX5XDDE Im new to this youtube thing so if anyone has any advice or critism that would great
  7. cant say this has ever happened to me.. maybe a bug?
  8. Who are YOU managing?

    Grimsby town -- got to the championship and my team has been flirting with the play-offs for the past two seasons i have the one and only steven fletcher in my team aswell!! even if he is 34... your challenge seems ohright though fraggle arent ucd the worst team on fifa 13?
  9. Why so much??

    Im not against the game atall mate!! i just wanted to know why it was so much personally i think you have done a great job with it for the past two years and didnt hesitate spending 7 quid.. it just seemed abit pricey but now the price seems to kinda make sence thanks
  10. Now this isnt a hate or anything like that, i actually really love the game and cant stop playing it. but me along with others just want to know why were being charged 7 quid for a game thats alot like the previous versions.
  11. Glory with - Burnley!

    As a burnley/portsmouth fan i worship your feet.
  12. Hows northampton and birmingham doing?? unlucky in the champions league
  13. Great work... the leagues yours for the taking is tello back in play yet? Would it be rude to ask how avellino are doing?
  14. Will it work?

    Ive gone down shop today bought ipod 4th gen works perfectley and what a game it is well done SI you continue to outdo yourselfs every ****ing year