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  1. i'm using it, and i logged in just to say its a great tactic. best out at the moment. i'm playing cercle bruge, i just took them over, in relegation. have used knap's sicilian, zeus from TFF, and never got the team going. took this tactic and started winning instantly. very good tactic.
  2. Very good tactic, i just signed with nec, who are in 16th place, and immediately started playing with this tactic. 5 games played, 4 won, one drew.
  3. in this pic, my mouse was at "i'm very happy with", but it doesnt get highlighted like it is in normal fm skin, so that you know what you are going to click
  4. hey guys, i've been playing fm for years, but never used a skin so few days ago i downloaded this skin, and love the look of it. but it seems that fm is a lot slower with it. is that normal with skins? my laptop is 2 years old, acer black edition. and like when i want to team talk, it doesnt highlight what i want to choose to say when i hoover my mouse over it, is that also normal? thx in advance!
  5. Yeah still works after the update. tried last night in my zhicheng save where i changed club to fortuna sittard who were touted to battle for relegation. Am currently 1st after 8 games, unbeaten run.
  6. hey man, i used your tactic in chinese first division with zhizeng or something like that :). was predicted around place 11. went place 4th without tactic being gelled or notorious signings. Next season i signed a young talented striker and a new midfielder, and with tactic being fully learned i steamed to the title. Very very good tactic, it made my team excell. Lots of goals, and few matches lost. btw i used the v1.1 version. edit: i played last night before update of today!
  7. Strange, i always close fm and steam and my laptop every evening after playing, and restart when i come home from work. Since when it stopped being beta version? i play every evening after work
  8. Guys, is it normal that it still says its the beta version in my fm when i play it? even if its already fully released now?
  9. hope they start giving new features away fast, cos its hard to pre order a game, if you dont know what you gonna get. First time in more then 20 years that i dont pre order before i know what changes in fm2017. (guess i'm getting too old :D)
  10. And people need to join. Allthough the thread doesnt reflect it, we had great fun. Savegame went on for a lot of seasons
  11. sooooo, now fm2016 is out, we get this going again ?
  12. hmm got lots of long savegames (more then 10 seasons), but the most rememberiable one was my first online savegame with some guys from this forum. We went past 2030 in our online game. Was really fun, as we all struggled in the beginning. We even got a player whose nickname is "el sacko", cos he gets fired at almost every club, and he changes clubs like his underwear, quite fast
  13. yeah have to agree, online is harder then single player
  14. so true, i'm 34 y old, i've been playing the game als long as a i remember. And this is the first year i havent pre-ordered it already, and tbh dont think i will this year. i'll be skipping it this time i guess. Just looks like a revamp again, nothing excites me tbh
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