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  1. I see you find international football quite easy as well. I have a Workington/Northern Ireland save which is quite similar to your career in terms of domination. I won the Euros (2028) with N.Ireland, winning the final 6-1 vs. Germany. I also beat the Germans 7-0 in qualifiers, and my record win is 14-0 vs. Malta. Enjoy following your thread. Keep it up!
  2. Hi - This happened sometime after updating to android 4.1.2. I also did a clean install of the OS because of severe battery drain after the OS update. It was probably when I reinstalled FMH2013 that the app was installed on the SD card and the problems began.
  3. Thanks for your helpful replies. The issue was apparently related to the app being installed on the SD card after the latest OS update. Moved the app to internal storage and it seems to be fine now, having restarted the phone once. Hopefully my domination of English and European football with Workington AFC can now continue uninterrupted
  4. Hi - I had problems installing the update. I had to delete the fmh13 data folder to get it working. Now it seems to be working fine. I'm on a galaxy s2, android version 4.1.2
  5. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue after the update
  6. Thanks for your reply. This issue has not occured while plugged into a computer. Just restarted my phone and once again the game was uninstalled..
  7. Hi! Everytime my phone is switched off and on again (due to empty battery, system update etc) FMH2013 has uninstalled itself. This has now happened four times in the last couple of weeks. The folders with save games etc is retained but the app itself has to be reinstalled through the play store. Any idea as to why this is happening? It's only this game/app that is affected. I'm on a galaxy s2 with android version 4.1.2.
  8. Loans

    Have you tried promoting them to your first team squad and then offer them to clubs on loan? I've had save games where this was the only way to get interest from other clubs...
  9. I'd like the possibility for a B-team to be created during a career. I played 30 seasons with Ceuta starting in segunda B, but going on the win the league and champions league etc multiple times. It would have been great if a B-team that could be promoted to the league system like Barcelona B, Villarreal B etc could be created for a team that is reasonably succesful. I guess this might only apply to the Spanish league.
  10. My supa striker!!

    What formations and tactics are you guys using to get that many goals out of a player? I have and have had strikers with quite similar stats as the players above but in my 2012 game I have not had a player score more than 29 goals (in about 45 games) in a season.
  11. Transfers not completed

    I have sent save games to Stuart Warren. Would be nice if transfers could be forced through, at least for the out of contract guy...
  12. Transfers not completed

    I have a save game I can upload for you.
  13. Hi! I'm into season 2028/29 with my Pro Vercelli side. I have encountered a new bug (at least for me) where I have agreed to sell two players but the transfers does not complete. So every day a new message pops up for each player where it says "the deal taking (player) to (team) can now be completed" but no option to confirm. One of the players I agreed to sell at the end of the season during the january window. His contract expired at the same time the transfer was about to be completed. The other player has a contract until 2030, so no issue of contract expiry there. Note: One of the transfers was cancelled after the transfer window ended. This was the transfer for the player under contract. The transfer was agreed to in july but never completed. Note 2: Since the player out of contract has agreed to move I no longer have the option to release him either.
  14. Update 4 - Out Now

    I haven't seen any of those yet, have received a few two games suspensions though where the second game is because of my appeal... But what about 3 match bans and an extra game if it's the player's second straight red of the season etc. Any chance of implementing this?
  15. Hi! Is there a possbility to make it easier to loan out players currently in the reserve squad? As it is now there is no interest in the best players among my reserves until I promote them to the first team. After I have promoted them I usually get an offer rather quick. Also players in the last year of contract tend to be unwanted until I offer them a new, longer contract. This will get loan offers coming in...