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  1. I hope the language learning bug is fixed, can't see anything about it in the patch notes.
  2. This problem is not only in the Dutch league, but also in the Danish.
  3. What the hell. Steam updated my game even though i have the Auto-Updates Disabled... Even says so on the steam Library>Download page.... Since there is no ME updates, i did not wan't to install it, so now i'm left with two choices.. Un-install the game, or don't play..
  4. I had given up hope, but then i found this tactic, works just wonders for my Tranmere premiership side
  5. - Option to be able to save game uncompressed, compression should however be forced when saving to steam cloud. - Not having to move mouse for selection of sub items all the time, newer fm skin is just time consuming. Besides, it's impractical to have hotkeys for ALL screens. - Classic tactics, i really miss this!!!!!!! I feel limited. - Drop the FMC mode, it's utterly useless, remember, those people who buy your game every year (yes, from the early 90's) like the complexity. - Training... I like the way you can configure training weeks ahead etc, but don't make this into a kiddy game.
  6. Yes, comparable it takes about 10 times as long to save a huge game if it has to be compressed first.
  7. Really throws a wrench in a speedy gameplay. Takes forever to save a game with lots of leagues, even though my CPU is 8 cores @ 5Ghz. Can't choose which reason I would have for not continuing playing FM14, but this is one of them
  8. Same, im also on pause untill the insanity gets fixed. I really miss classic tactics.............
  9. Where is the financial post under club finances for all the broken goal frames ?
  10. I completely agree, 10 minutes ago, i decided to stop playing fm14 until the ME is fixed
  11. Steklo is the only skin series i've ever really cared about. Keep up the good work! :-) Save me (and the rest of footymanity) from the obnoxiously tabbed world of FM skins and the hell of kiddy-gradient-oh-rama-o' buttons.
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