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  1. im going to give AEK Athens a go.... they've been promoted into 2nd division now. great team with potential
  2. Thanks CrD. But I'd much rarther prefer not England. I've managed in England so many time for all clubs, kinda over it. but rest of Europe im open to. thanks
  3. Nation: Europe or South America Division: Any European Competition: - Media Prediction: - Board Expectation(s): Relegation battle Transfer Budget: Not important (im a wheeler and dealer) Wage Budget: Enough to bring in decent players Finances: Not important Other: I want a hard game, thats going to test me after 13 yrs of playing. i also want a team with a current facepack so i know who im playing cheers guys
  4. Hi guys!! Greeting from Melbourne, Australia. Im look for a DIFFICULT save.... i want it to be a real challenge and for there to be a facepack for the team as i want to see my team. Can't be premier league (as ive played as every team 1,000,000,000 times) thank you fellas
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