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  1. I'm also getting this issue, it seems to happen after I've negotiated a contract for a new signing and clicked continue. FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.03 16.54.20).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.03 16.32.32).dmp
  2. I've had trouble too. Finished third in the league (abeit only 2 points off winning it) and out the champions league at the group stages and fa cup in the semis. Needed a good start, and ive smashed it. Currently joint top in second season after 12 games. Beat Chelsea and Liverpool away but then lose to the likes of Watford at home Really struggling in the champions league in a group of death with Athletico and Bayern... Once again i wont make it through, only got 2 points after 4 games hahaha
  3. Check out this guy I just signed! I have high hopes for him! Cost me £11m could rise to £13m
  4. Some very nice young players there Mancunian! You do well to get them so cheap too!
  5. He took a while to get going for me, partly down to my tactics, I play him up front in a 4-4-1-1 formation as AF-At with a AP-Su behind him and two wingers on attack provide further help. He was smashing in the goals but then got injured and was out for 2 months Edit: Just got this message!
  6. I've finished my first season. I didn't do very well at the start, having not played the demo I was getting to grips with the tactics. It was tough for me so I had a barren first season. 3rd in the league, semi finals of the FA Cup and out at the group stage of the CL. I had a unbeaten run of 15 games though in the middle so asked for a new contract after 12 games and I got it! The league looks closer than it was, Chelsea messed up their last few games. I bought a fair few players but didn't spend a lot overall, most are young players that will develop over the coming seasons. I didn't manage to sell Rooney. He got injured at the wrong times. Hopefully be able to get rid when he is fit again. Here are some pics of the progress of my better youngsters: Martial was just starting to score many goals and then got a bad injury. Grimaldo is a fantastic back up for Luke Shaw, very positive in his play, always looking to attack and put in a fair few crosses. Chambers has mostly played back up for Darmian, but I did give him a run in the team, looks promising. Phil Jones hasn't had a lot of game time as he keeps moaning, I'm tempted to sell but will struggle with the homegrown requirements if I do sell him and rooney. Will post again at the start of season 2. PS: Hopefully these screenshots will work, ive not tried posting screenshots in a long time!
  7. I felt very similar, but managed to go on a 15 game unbeaten run. Loads of draws but ill take it. You need to keep at it. Morale affects the game a lot, switching tactics too often doesn't help either. Set a tactic up, make sure you have a good balance with plenty of support roles and be sure to have a play-maker role. It does get easier but I agree, its very hard at first.
  8. I'm currently playing 4-4-1-1. I don't normally use any instructions at the start of the game (other than opposition ones) Mentality standard, shape flexible AF-At AM-Sup W-At DLP-Su CM-De W-Su WB-Su CD-De CD-De WB-Su G-De I don't seem to get much possession at at all. My players seem too static and the opposition passes round them to form easy chances. My Striker / AMC are: Rooney, Martial, Embolo, Luan, Mata Wingers: Sisto, Valencia, Depay, Young CM: Schneiderlin, Bastian, Herrera, Blind, Gribbin WB: Shaw, Grimaldo, Darmian, Chambers CB Smalling, Rojo, Jones, Balanta GK De Gea, Horn, Romero I play the DLP usually the Bastian or Blind. Any help would be much appreciated, im really struggling. Ps: what sites do you guys use for screenshots? Thanks Mezz
  9. You guys all seem to be doing very well. I'm struggling. My team plays well in the league but I cant win a game in the champions league. Lost 4 in a row! I'm trying different tactics. Good to know it can be done on this version!
  10. Tony, not sure if you'll see this but just wanted to say thankyou. I've never been in the story section of the forum before and I stumbled upon your thread by chance from your tactics thread. I really enjoyed reading your posts and will look out for Napoli IRL and in my FM saves. I often only manage to play about 4 seasons before I lose interest but this has spurred me on to try and go further. If you start playing again please post a link here if you fancy doing updates. I wish you all the best! Mezz
  11. I bet thats very frustrating. Are you offering them what they want fairly quickly? or are the negotiations long and drawn out? are you putting them down as key players or just the first team? interesting that Chelsea seems to be a stronger pull for players in this years version than united, i thought they'd be about even as united are in europe...
  12. I think you could get more for him... I'd be willing to pay more than that for him and I play as united!
  13. Its a good offer but you may find it hard to attract a better player as its the first season... When offers are put in for good prospects then the big clubs swoop. See who is about before selling. I'd sell. Like you say there are cheaper options out there with great potential. You could look at Horn, Donnarumma, or even Ron-Robert Zieler (He is homegrown) all likely to be cheaper and better potential.
  14. eple, I'd say it depends on whether you want to switch things around or not? For me, i like to sell players for a huge fees and bring through the next crop of youngsters but thats just me. It doesn't sound like you'd be improving your team if you sold him and its not like you need the cash either, although Odegaard would be slightly younger. All depends on how you play the game...
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