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  1. Will a chairman be allowed to sack mid match in the new patch if you are losing? Can call it the 'Roman Rule'
  2. Had great success with original Mr Hough tactic (Serie C) and hit a brick wall in 2nd season (Serie B). Switched to cragswfc's version and almost immediately hit form again and got promoted. Started Serie A and 8 games in hit a brick wall again. Seems the AI gives you a season and then decides to rain on your parade...I don't expect to beat Juve et al but smaller teams are smashing me apart too now. Anuyone finding they are ALWAYS going 1-0 down early on?
  3. I initially had great success in Serie C with Pisa although I was probably the strongest team, nonetheless I had that invincible feeling. I'm currently in Serie B with what I think is a good squad but am starting to feel like its slowly running out of steam. I'm drawing alot more games than before and only scoring 1 or 2 goals a game. This could be down to my players however. I think alot of the results that are causing me to drop points are down to the awful ME, with some of the most stupid yet frustrating moments causing me to lose cheap goals. I'm quite literally sick of seeing my Centre Back's split by a ball that they can easily catch up with, only to see them run alongside the attacker and let him score an easy goal, or watching my entire defensive line sit on the 18yrd line and let an attacker stroll in to head into an empty net. It leaves me seething!!! I'll keep you updated with how the tactic pans out over final 1/2 of season as i'll stick with it and grind through the pathetic situations that will no doubt continue until SI acknowledge there is a problem!
  4. I don't believe it! I'm officially gutted!!!!

    i thought long and hard about an official announcement, i didn't want to go shooting my mouth off half cocked, so decided in the interests off all interested in official legislation that i would define my guttedness level as official, clearing up any concerns people may have had that i was merely 'rather' gutted, or indeed, 'unassumingly' gutted. These would portray the wrong emotion entirely. Still want a champions league spot though.
  5. I don't believe it! I'm officially gutted!!!!

    The Madrid-Barca-Atletico stranglehold is going to be a real git to break too...may get on the blower to Roman afterall!
  6. I don't believe it! I'm officially gutted!!!!

    oh jesus how did i miss that...yeah they did...i'm a total fool! Still gutted though beings they had a rather pants squad!
  7. he was a beast of a defender mind...Gullit, Doobs, Super Dan Petrescu...
  8. I have just had a big problem with Champions League qualification. I have just finished my 2nd Season in La Liga with Betis (in 2013) finishing 4th (i also won the Spanish Cup) however i have just noticed midway through August the that i was entered into the EURO Cup 3rd Qualifying Round (which i won 9-3 on agg.) and am now in the EURO Cup group stages...the 4th placed Spanish Champions League spot went to Valencia (who finished 6th!!!). Spain had 4 entries (the eventual top 3 and 6th? [Valencia]) to make matters worse i turned down my beloved Chelsea in the Summer to stick with Betis who i assumed were in the champions league...I know Blatter & Platini are a corrupt so and so's only wanting sexy football in the Champions League but come on!!!
  9. I'm shocked nobody has mentioned the goal getting greek superstar Anastasias Skalidis from CM 01/02! Always managed 50+ goals a season with any side. Also remember the Greek side in 01/02 was a bit awesome! wasn't there a keeper called choitis or something?
  10. Still having problems authenticating?

    right, whats with this...i can only play the game (missing out the online registration screen) when i'm online, if i'm not connected to the internet it keeps making me validate the key...is this right?
  11. Still having problems authenticating?

    'I am guessing SI / Sega are at this moment discussing a patch to remove the DRM ala Spore. Thoughts?' ---thats what it needs, for gods sake Sega/SI take one for the bloody team!!!!!!
  12. Still having problems authenticating?

    yeah same here, i have no certificate file and still can't get passed the 'code in use' message
  13. Still having problems authenticating?

    I was on it last night and it crashed, so when i went back on i had the 'key in use problem'. to cut a long (!) story short for some reason i then managed to play the game without needing to go through soft anchor, this morning i had a go, no soft anchor screen, straight to menu whereupon my saved game 'could not be loaded' the game crashed and now i'm back to soft anchor again and can't get passed it. My key IS valid, i have PLAYED the game and now i'm back to the start again I have looked in my directory (I'm on Vista) and i have NO certificate files!!!! What the hell do i do now! Starting to get a tad annoyed here...
  14. it was the 'key in use problem' so i pretty much gave up, originally installed it the way thats not Steam, and just for kicks and because i been at it on and off since 1 i installed the steam version (over the top of the old install) and went to launch game once it had installed. well, bugger me, it missed out the sonic online screen register and went straight into the game! any ideas why? if it helps try it!
  15. **** you SI

    'nice title' indeed, catchy even but if i'm being hyper critical though i'd have to say its possibly, only ever so slightly going to cause annoyance with people at si (who i'm sure are lovely people and in no way are responsible for our collective suffering!)