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  1. Whereabouts is this button now? I can't see it on the preferences screens.
  2. Is this option (used to be a checkbox) still present? It no longer appears on the interface menu in preferences for me.
  3. Yeah, my vertical resolution is 768. Playing with that panel height has fixed things though, cheers!
  4. Since the last update, my player attributes page can no longer display the 'selection details' box under the attributes and player details info when at 100% zoom, I just get a blank space. The only thing I can do is zoom out to 95%, which is annoying because that affects every other screen. Does anyone know what changed/what code controls this? I haven't noticed any other screens with this problem...
  5. Sorry for hijacking the thread a bit, butt just to say that I'm having this issue too, but it only seems to happen to me during an actual match. The first time it happened, it generated a crash dump, but tonight it hasn't done. I also have the alt+tab problem described in the sticky, but the shift+r workaround seems to solve that pretty well for me.
  6. I'm having the same problem, however I downloaded the skin from sortitoutsi. Annoying, because apart from this it looks beautiful Is there any way of fixing it beyond switching to GPU-assisted rendering? Having that setting on was causing my game to crash a few weeks ago...
  7. Ok, so last night I switched rendering modes from GPU assisted to software, and it seemed to reduce the problem (only one freeze in a whole evening). I've updated the graphics drivers today as you suggested, and it seems to be fine so far, but it's obviously hard to tell until something has actually gone wrong. I'll post again if anything else happens!
  8. Cheers, I'll try updating the drivers. Although I don't think its an overheating problem, the laptop is only a week or so out of the box so it won't be too dusty yet, and in general it seems much, much cooler than my old one did when running FM14...
  9. Hi. I'm attempting to run FM on a new laptop (64-bit, windows 8.1). However, both with the beta and with the full game, my computer freezes at random points when I have FM running but minimised via alt + tab. The only other software application running is firefox. The only thing that I can do at this point seems to be to unplug the power cable and take the battery out to force a hard restart. This seems to happen at different points within the game, but usually when the game is processing after pressing 'continue'. It also doesn't generate a crash dump, so I have nothing to upload. I've tried
  10. Lovely skin as ever. Can anyone suggest how to fix this error though? I've looked at the news inbox panel but have no idea what I'm doing... Cheers!
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