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  1. If someone gets in a shot from like 25 meters out, after last patch, you my friend are a star:).
  2. Overrun again and again and again, what kinda dope are the ME on when getting behind, i want some of that?. Its kinda fun seeing Chester beat my Gunners team 4-3 after being 2-4 Down, especially when i created like 39 chances and they produced like 11, most coming in the lst 20 min:). And the disallowed goal, well every game have one or two, every game. I agree With the post above...Wake me up when 13.3. is released. Good night.
  3. Just continued my 14 game unwinning streak:). In this game i just loved it when Bould told me, just Seconds before Fulham went 3.0 up, we are controlling the game etc...but cant score etc. Who on Earth came up With these comments during matches....just adds to the agony:)
  4. Here is how the highlights sequences often pans out - starts with me having a corner or throw in, and crossing the ball straight into the hans to the opp goalkeeper. He throws it quickly out and they just runs the ball up to my goal for some kinda big chance. Give me a break soon lol:)
  5. --But every game is the same, if i have a lead i just get so overrun its just funny, suddenly all falls apart. Every attack they have is a big chance. If i have a throw in, or corner, i will get tackled into my own 16 yard...i am suddenly surronded by opp players:)... i have tried many different tatics...the worst beeing Counter attacking. Counter in this game just mean you will get countered upon..Once in a while i get away with the odd win, but only if i am Lucky. There are enourmous amount off chances being made against me. I have 27-44 in goal diff being arsenal, and will soon get sacked again:)
  6. Think i just set a new record for extended highlights:), i went 4-1 up home against Nott forrest in the FA cup at 69 min (playing as arsenal). Having, at last i thought a chance to win, full control in chances,possesion etc etc. I put in Frimpong for Ramsey and Santos for Gibbs, and Control tatics (played attacking). To make a long story short, from 69 min to 95 min i spent about 18 min watching "highlights". And off cource Forrest made it 4-4 in OT OT...i was just outclassed last 26 min. Why on Earth does that happen so ofte, huuuge amount of "highlight time" if one is in the lead?.
  7. My POACHER, just meet the ball 10 meters into my half, and played it back to the keeper, keeper then played the ball to my fullback who played it to POACHER again, and yes...back to keeper. Strange thing to do when on OT and 2-3 Down....argh
  8. I think there is a major difference, before you were not playing the Spanish national side almost every freaking time. And if you dont you will come up against a world class keeper. Throw us a bone here SI, watching the other side outplay us time after time is booooring. Since this crap have been released i have been sacked in 6 out off 8 games. Trying a lot of tatics. No, i wont go classic, i will just.. go.. if this dosent improve, and yes its a bug, if not you finally managed to destroy Your game.. And FOR GODS SAKE, if one out off 100 long shots is goin in, tune it.
  9. More or less sitting and watching all the teams...well just win over me 4-5-11 after 20 matches as arsenal...some matches i have like 32-16 against like 7-4 opp, and i loose 2-1. No through balls, at all, god knows why...told them to...long shots...well...never ever going in, often ends in throw ins, free kicks...a joke. And beware, if you should dear too go counterattacking, you will be countered upon:). I like a Challenge, this is ridicolus. Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be Nice to see some progression in the team...I did go sunday footballer, can really have that much to say??. Team talks...rubbish still.
  10. Leading 2-0, Swansea just produced 42 (21 on target) chances against me, and off cource won 4-2. Two disallowed goals, woodwork, lame defenders. This is just not worth it at all anymore. Into the trash,gbye SI.
  11. Well i guess you win a fair amount off matches if you always reach the playoffs. I think you mabe should try to get better coaches. Maybe you loan to many players?, and maybe they dont fit in properly with your tatics etc. I dont think your fate is set in advance at at all.
  12. "For a big team you can set the formation you want and buy the players you need". Nah, i dont really find that to be correct. It`s not easy finding the right players and getting the tatics to work for my beloved Arsenal. Not at all.
  13. I too found it hard at first, but getting the hang off it now, loving every moment:). I have had some decent results, not like i am winning the double or anything. Managed to get to the LC final with Arsenal, happy with that, beat manU 3-2 after OT. Had to finetune my attacking tactics from FM2012, and away its back to counterattacking fast direct game:). And fullbacks only defensive dutys. Training i have mostly left to my staff, but i do some off the setup. Teamtalks i now gradually have taken over, in the start nobody seem to listen to me, looks like they getting used to it know. Its even harder now than before to bring in new players, thats because it takes a while for them to settle it, and that only seems fair. If this is to much, have you tried playing classic?.
  14. Well,first of all, to always succeed with whoever you start with must be a bore in the long run?. Secondly ,t is possible for a hungarian team to loose out to an albanian team over two matches. And 10 points behind in the leauge does not seem that much. Maybe you should trying adjusting your tatics, and training is a bit more complex, so is team talks:). I to had a disaster off a start to my season, but getting better now as i have finetuned my tatics and getting in some good training.
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