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  1. Exactly the same thing just happened to me. I got the sensible advice, 'play 4-2-3-1 wide in the next game' so I clicked it, assuming it would switch to my other formation which was that, but no, it turned my 4-2-3-1 DM into a 2nd 4-2-3-1 Wide. Ah well. I've learned not to do that again...
  2. Exactly the same thing just happened to me. I got the sensible advice, 'play 4-2-3-1 wide in the next game' so I clicked it, assuming it would switch to my other formation which was that, but no, it turned my 4-2-3-1 DM into a 2nd 4-2-3-1 Wide. Ah well. I've learned not to do that again...
  3. I thought in the beta FM's normally excellent research was a little off but most of my issues with it have been resolved. I suspect Fazio's mum may have done some of it with him rated as our best CB rather than 5th choice as IRL. That's been sorted, as has Dier being mainly a RB rather than a natural CB/DM who can also cover at RB. Personally I'd still mark him down a touch more as a RB: I don't think IRL he's a better RB than Walker but I can live with the way it is. Pritchard a better free kick taker than Eriksen? (in the beta Pritch 18, Eriksen 15?) But full game Eriksen up to a more realistic 19. Likewise Pritchard initially heavily weighted to playing on the right when he's quite often played Inside Forward cutting in from the left. At least that's where he's played for England Under 21s. That fixed too for release. Only thing I've used the editor to quibble with was Kane's penalty taking: he is the club's regular penalty taker with a decent record so I upped his penalty taking to 15. I intended to run the 1st season with pretty much the existing squad but just signing another striker: I don't think N'Jie/Son are good enough back up options. I ended up signing Pelle by mistake: intended to put him on a shortlist and was suddenly presented with him as a fait accompli for just £11m. I'll stick with that and possibly loan out Clinton. Put what I thought were high enough prices to deter offers on the wanted players but Man Utd almost met my £50m on Kane with their first offer and he's having a bit of a sulk at the moment, but I'm only a couple of games into pre-season. Starting line up (4-2-3-1, Control, flexible) with rotation options is Lloris (SK/S)/Vorm (GK/D) Walker (FB/Aut)/ Trippier (RB/A), Alderweireld (CB/S)/Fazio (CB/S), Vertonghen (C/BPD) Wimmer (C/BPD), Rose (FB/Aut) Davies (FB/Aut) Bentelab or Carroll (DLP/D) (Dier anchor to close out games) Demblele/Mason/Alli (BTB /S) Lamela/Townsend/Son (IF/vary A/S) Eriksen/? (find out pre-season) (AP/S) Chadli (W/S) Son (W/S) Pritchard (AP or IF/S) Kane (AF/A) Pelle (TM/S) And a more defensive counter option of 4-3-3 bringing Dier into DM (Anchor) and dropping the AP back to CM alongside a BTB CM. Having most roles the same should make learning the 2nd tactic quicker. But I've only played a couple of friendlies to date so things may change.
  4. Would it be possible to stop training camps being quite such a pain in the neck? I've started at least three games and abandoned them because the training camps don't allow adequate preparation. Finally I sort out a decent pre-season with games at reasonable intervals. Two of my last three friendlies are cancelled at short notice and I can't re-arrange because my players apparently have to fly back to the USA, after having been there and come back and I'm not allowed to arrange any friendlies in that week! In general I find training camps a tedious waste of time but two separate chunks of pre-season taken away and no games in the second is beyond a joke.
  5. Overall at first glance I'm really impressed by how smooth everything is. I've had a couple of hours playing with Spurs where I know the players and seems great apart from one or two data issues (Pritchard a better free kick taker than Eriksen? Fazio a "quality player"?) After three matches the only odd thing I noticed in matchplay was a fullback booting the ball out for a corner when there was no-one near him, but even then it was Kyle Walker, so entirely plausible.
  6. Only a minor irritation but why do Ass Men insist on telling you "Ron Player is looking exhausted and we should think about subbing him" followed instantly with "Ron Player has picked up a knock but should be able to shake it off." If it's the second it's not the first. You shouldn't get them as a pair like that.
  7. I've just been playing around with the in-game editor and the one feature I really wanted from it looks great. I wanted the option to edit kits because it used to annoy me hugely playing with change strips which I hadn't much liked in the first year many years down the line, when the clubs would have changed theirs many times. There look to be plenty of options and it's easy to do, so that's the main thing I wanted from the in-game editor sorted. The only other reason for using an in-game editor IMO is to deal with bugs. I once had a player who went off to an international friendly and never returned because his departure and return dates were transposed so the only way to ever get him back was editing. I'l have to wait for something like that to happen to see if the editor can cope. But mainly thank you for listening re kits.
  8. Nothing to the guy who reviewed the new Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition. (Icewind Dale, for those who don't know is a frighteningly complex RPG, cousin to Baldur's Gate.) The reviewer played it on super easy "Story Mode" to continue playing 'Tiny Tower' on his tablet at the same time. One of the devs on the official forums rather sniffily described the reviewer as "not really our target player".
  9. Overall I'm very impressed by how smoothly the game is playing at this early stage. Even the commenters here haven't found a single issue - a "corner bug" (very slightly too many goal from corners) or the like to coalesce complaints around. I do hope the developers bear in mind that it is playing well and don't over-compensate in patching so we go from slightly too many goals to far too few. Obviously it's not perfect (and nor will it ever be). The thing I noticed last night was goalkeepers making a save but being unable to hold the ball (fine) but being too slow to react and a forward trotting twelve yards to tap in a loose ball which was sitting at the keeper's feet. I also think the allocation of coach responsibilities is a big improvement: instead of just hiring a coach for each area and forget about it the player does have to think about coaching workloads. But I think a little tweaking is needed: playing as wealthy Tottenham I can just about juggle my coaches so they aren't over-worked suggesting it would be too hard at a less well-resourced club. But overall very impressed.
  10. One little change which would make a big difference: when my scouts come back with a list of players from scouting a particular league a column with their playing positions would be a big help. There are columns for goals, assists and average rating: the first two aren't essential for assessing goalkeepers or defenders but knowing if they ARE goalkeepers or defenders would be. There's plenty of space for a column of positions.
  11. Something I'm finding annoying is that drop down menus don't seen to operate consistently. With some I can click on the drop down to keep it open while I negotiate the next drop down but others keep closing if my cursor wanders off the precise place. The one that was particularly irritating me was 'Make Available for Under 21s> Until Match Fit>For X Minutes. I keep losing them all and having to re-open them one after another, then my cursor slips off the menu & they all disappear, start over. I'd really like it to be that if a drop down has sub-menus I can always click on the first to keep it open while negotiating the sub menu.
  12. Still finding my way around the UI a little, but after a couple of matches the ME's looking very good - I've seen several stylish moves so far. A couple of players have skin tones too light which is a known issue I think. I've had a fluke goal from a misplaced cross in both matches so far. Not a representative sample, but a bit worrying. Overall it's looking good.
  13. I found and sent 2: I hope this may save someone else two days of frustration. Thanks for your help.
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