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  1. Sudden drop in player stats

    With regards to the drop in players stats, this is meant to reflect a drop in the players form or morale and so is reflective of their current ability at that moment in time. It may be that the player is jaded and needs a rest or just needs to recapture their previous form in order for their stats to climb again to the levels they were at previously, see Torres IRL. In relation to the game being easier in the lower leagues, it is not intended to be inherently easier than managing in the top flight however expectations and pressure are often lower and the calibre of opposition is weaker. If you find you're having too much success in the BSP see how your team fares after promotion when your clubs expectations for success may be increased.
  2. Dual nationalities

    Players from Martinique and Guadaloupe should be treated as having EU nationality and as such wouldn't require work permits to sign them. We are aware of issues where they are not showing as having dual French nationality and this is something that has been logged.
  3. If a player is transfer listed it is an indication that he is no longer wanted by a club. in this instance it is often the case that you'll need to be prepared to accept less for him than his true value. I find that offering a player out at less than his value can stimulate interest in him and then allow you to negotiate the fee once bids are made. There are a huge number of variables involved as to whether a team is willing to bid for your players - wage budget, transfer budget, their perception of the players ability and whether he fits with their style of play. All of these factors will influence which clubs and how many may be interested in him. With regards to English players playing abroad this is fairly infrequent IRL and it may be a determining factor in him not wishing to move to Germany. We are however aware of an issue where players sign for lower reputation AI clubs for less money and this is something that is being looked at.
  4. Spl loans

    Thanks for this, this has now been logged and it's something we'll look to get fixed as soon as possible.
  5. Top teams missing

    Italy are set as host nation for the 2020 European Championships and so rightly they're not in the qualifying groups. Can you confirm whether Germany were absent from the qualifying groups for the 2018 World cup? Also, what leagues did you have loaded at the time? cheers
  6. When negotiating sales, adding or increasing a sell on fee will generally cause the AI team to decrease their offer initially. Depending on their perceptions of the player's current and potential ability persistence in negotiations can often result in selling players with a high sell on percentage clause. It often depends on how keen the AI team are on your players. Adding a sell on percentage when trying to buy a player can generally result in the AI team accepting a slightly lower cash offer, again it depends on their perceptions of the player and how important he is to the team. Age will also play a factor as clubs are far more likely to receive a large amount from a sell on percentage when players are young and have a very high potential.
  7. Currently you cannot negotiate the terms of a loan offer, however this is something that has been previously logged as a feature request.
  8. When playing as an English team, you will only be able to offer pre contracts to Bosmans from 1st June (or one month before their contract expires). However, foreign teams will be able to approach your players from 1st January (or 6 months before their contract expires). Likewise, you can approach players at other European clubs from 1st January or 6 months before their contract is due to end.
  9. Offside rule

    Thanks, this is an issue that we are aware of and has been logged along with other match engine nuances. Continued tweaks to the match engine will hopefully eradicate issues such as this.
  10. Corrupted Save Game FM 2012

    Team talks and all time records have both now been added to our list of feature requests.
  11. Green indicates that the player is on your shortlist, either as a result of making a bid for him, scouting him, or choosing to add him to your shortlist. Blue does indeed indicate that the player is in on loan at that current club, brownish-yellow indicating that he is on loan from that club.
  12. [FMHi 2012] A few bugs

    The intended functionality is that your tactics will reset if you have not saved a custom tactic before exiting the game. We may consider changing this at some point in the future however. With regards to the issues surrounding the match engine and commentary we are aware of these issues and it is something that is being worked on.
  13. As Marc has previously mentioned, there are a finite number of players which we can model so when multiple leagues are active we allocate most to the main league (In your example keeping Spanish squads full) and for the secondary leagues we try and retain their most important players. Balotelli would have been on the cusp of inclusion but because there are a lot of loaned players in the Man City squad (which can seriously fubar the retention as they can be considered 'vital' for the clubs they're on loan to) he wasn't retained. This is also the case with Phil Jones but as mentioned on previous threads we can look at which players have been omitted when different combinations of leagues are running and look to address this in an update if necessary. Selecting England as the main league, having Spain as a background league and then managing Real madrid would however make these players available to you.
  14. [iPhone] - Big Club Release Clause Bug

    Effectively, a club makes an offer triggering the clause in his contract. Your response is to offer him a new contract without a big club release clause which he signs. Therefore you receive a confirmation message as the player is no longer subject to a big club release clause giving you the option to now cancel the transfer. This chain of events is fully intended allowing you to renegotiate a new deal with your players and stop better clubs poaching them from you.
  15. iPad version of FMH 2012

    Dragging the players name onto the position tiles used to work in iFMH 2011 but is currently not an option available for selecting your squad. It is now necessary to drag the relevant position tile onto the players name. However, we are working towards getting this included for a future update.