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  1. Any tips on writing an effective CV?
  2. I like your predictions, but don't think I agree. Although, ROI getting a draw wouldn't shock me too much but I still fancy Spain, 3-0.
  3. Big calls in no France or Italy. Although I'm not disputing your France prediction, they weren't very threatening against us but I would still be surprised if they didn't get through.
  4. Really? I just think that their 3-5-2 approach will pay dividends with it being a bit of a rarity in modern international football. A lot of teams won't have played against such a system too often and that poses an advantage in itself.
  5. I'm predicting Italy to go far in the tournament. £20 on them reaching the final.
  6. Hodgson has never really been in charge of a team able to play with flair in what I have seen in the last decade or so. Fulham and West Brom were hardly blessed with high quality technical players so he had to work with what he got. If those players mentioned come through into the England side, which they probably will, there would be no reason why Hodgson wouldn't implement such a system. And Cleon's talking 4 years down the line here, it's not guaranteed he'll still be in charge. Plus Germany are still a very strong side who can be very difficult to break down. It is their front 4 of Ozil, Podolski, Gomez and Muller that provide the flair while Schweinsteiger and Khedira sit slightly deeper and distribute the ball. One of the two central midfielders tends to drift forward but never both, there will always be a sturdy base in case there is a counter-attack.
  7. I think they may give Kroos a run in their next game.
  8. I love Lawrenson's claim he 'just made up' the acronym TEAM: together everyone achieves more.
  9. Through twitter I imagine?
  10. You got a source?
  11. The future is definitely bright in that respect. Oxlaide as well.
  12. Indeed. Germany's link-up and movement in the final third is amazing to watch.
  13. Will be interesting to see how much game time he gets. Hopefully he'll get a few games under his belt.
  14. To be honest, there a very few weak links within the tournament. I think that is the beauty of the Euro's, anyone really could win it.
  15. I thought he had. And I presumed you'd fill me in I can remember him playing in goal. As a Leeds fan, I'm sure I may experience the wonders of Warnock's no substitute keeper plan in the future. If the rumours that he wants to leave are incorrect that is.